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Hair Custard
Hair Custard
Hair Custard
Hair Custard

Hair Custard

Dreamy vanilla locks
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 08678
Innovation alert: this formula is now egg-free, but will have the same gorgeous effects as before.

Smooth and soften your mane with this sweet vanilla-scented leave-in. Argan oil, fair trade organic cocoa butter and softening silken tofu moisturize hair and fight frizz while fair trade vanilla pod infusion leaves behind the most delightful vanilla perfume. A rich styling product, Hair Custard will give your hair texture and hold.

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How to Use

Rub a small amount between hands and work into wet or dry hair. Style as usual.

Find your hair's new best friend.


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A Major Fail

Philadelphia | 7 days ago

I agree 100% with everyone else and their comments. I have thick, curly hair that is now graying and this was one of the only products that would tame it and make it smell AMAZING. Now it does nothing and even the smell isn't what it used to be. I also dislike the new container. PLEASE go back to the egg formula!! It has ruined a fan favorite.

New Formula and Packaging are NOT cutting it

Portland, OR | 8 days ago

I used to LOVE this product. It smelled amazing and left my hair feeling so soft. The new formula just doesn't quite do the trick and the smell is way off, but the worst part of all, in my opinion, is the dreadful new packaging. I hate the little bottle compared to the OG black containers. Lush, please bring back the original formula and for god's sake, get rid of these dumb bottles!

Hair Rescue!

Alaska | 8 days ago

Love this product...a little dab is all it takes to take care of my hair styling needs. Please keep making disappointing when a favorite product goes off line. Thank you!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

So Sad

Santa Barbara | 13 days ago

The old formulation was AMAZING. it smelled so good, gave my hair body and hold, and was the best. This doesn't do anything and the smell is off. I'm so sad to have lost a favourite. Please, Lush, bring back the real Hair Custard and stop with the poor imitation!

Smells good but feels sticky and heavy

Los Angeles | 15 days ago

Do love the smell, but it honestly does nothing for my wavy, kinda frizzy thin hair. Used it several times and I still need to use other calming products with it. As far as hold, it feels heavy and sticky. At different times I used a very little amount and used sightly more just to see if I was using it incorrectly. I really tried to make this product work, and now it just sits on my shelf. Didn't have the opportunity to use the former formula that other people talk about so I can't compare.

Bring back the eggs !!

Maine | 20 days ago

The new formula does not work . Maybe Lush is trying to make all of their products vegan but this one just does not work without the eggs . Please please go back to the original formula

Used to love the previous formula. Tried to make this work

New Jersey | 23 days ago

Loved the old formula in the black pot and would get compliments all the time on the smell and the way it styled my hair. No product (LUSH or other makers) made anything close to how it would make my hair feel as if it was just natural (no gritty or weird texture or residue on my hair that other styling products do). But they changed the product and I tried to make it work for over a year and just gave up on this product. Wish they would bring back the old formula 1) the formula is different and does not give the same sort of natural feeling hold and versatility as the old formula. 2) still smells similar but not as decadent and rich as the other one. Now it smells like playdoughy or chemically at times. 3) I appreciate the attempt at becoming more sustainable but the switch to a plastic bottle makes it difficult to get all the product out, especially when you're down to a fifth of the bottle left 4) the oils in this formula as well as the old formula would separate after a day or so but the old black pot made it easier to remix it together 5) relating to the oils separating the formula certainly changes from a custard consistency to a liquid consistency when you are halfway through the bottle. I'm assuming it's from the uneven amounts of oils you'll get each use. 6) The way I used it was to style my hair and would frequently have to reapply which becomes expensive

I love this product

Sunnyvale | 29 days ago

I use this almost everyday! It works so well with my hair which is really frizzy and messy in the morning. I rub some custard through and it actually styles my hair really well. Also I am a guy and so my hair is shorter and I like the shine it gives. I also blow-dry after to help it hold. People always ask what smells like candy and it's always my hair. LOVE THIS!!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I should've listen to the comments

NYC | 1 month ago

It works fine, but the smell is awful. It smells like something rotten and the price for the size is not worth it at all. There is so much better alternative from a different company if you are looking for a cream light hold styling product. Just save yourself some money by not buying this.

This stuff smell freakin' awesome! & leaves my hair shinin'!

Houston, TX | 8 months ago

Verified Reviewer

So i'v been reading the comments on this AFTER i got a sample of it.. and i'm a little astonished. I was a little apprehensive when I took a whiff out of the bottle in store but it smells great when i apply it. It holds my hair just fine. leaves a beautiful aroma that people at work ask what am i wearing. It's funny when i tell them it's my pomade/cream styler! hahaha. Though I will say, for my hair, being i'm a medium thick hair type and i'm a guy? It takes two dime size to get my hair goin.(Parted and slicked). The thing i loved about Hair Custard is that i used it yesterday for the first time to give me that slick parted looked and when i woke up this morning my hair wasn't a gunky sticky mess! I was surprised! For men's hair, if you keep it short to medium long? This is for you. You'll be looking sharp and ready to go for anything! P.S. I do like using it just a liiiiiittle bit on my hair if i'm not styling it to make it smooth and just keep it casual. ;P
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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