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How to use Lush products

Your most-asked questions, answered.

What's the difference between a bath bomb and a shower bomb? How do you crumble a bubble bar and how do you use naked body lotion? These articles hold all the answers.

How to use bath and shower products

From naked shower gels to crumbling bubble bars, we take you through exactly how to use our many ways to get creatively clean with low-waste and packaging-free products.

A pink and purple bath bomb fizzing, with pink waters around it

Bath Bombs

Hands breaking The Big Comforter bubble bar in two pieces with water from a bath tub in the background.

Bubble Bars

Content card - Shower Bombs

Shower Bombs

Content card - Naked Conditioners and Lotions

Naked Conditioners and Lotions

Content card - Shower Jellies

Shower Jellies

How to use hair products

Find the perfect way to top up your tresses with Lush's wide range of beautiful hair products including hot oil treatments, hair masks, solid shampoo bars and pressed conditioners.

Content card - Shampoo Bars

Shampoo Bars

Content card - Hot oil Treatments

Hot oil Treatments

Content card - Solid conditioners

Solid conditioners

Content card - Henna Hair Dyes

Henna Hair Dyes

How to use face and body products

Between naked facial oils, serums, body lotions and more, our fresh approach to skincare is a little off the beaten path, so we'll help you find your feet and get glowing skin from head to toe.

Content card - Cleansers


Content card - Massage Bars

Massage Bars

Content card - Packaging-free Skincare

Packaging-free Skincare

How to use our most innovative products

 Unique approaches to oral care like our solid toothy tabs and mouthwash tabs, as well as fizzing shower bombs and jiggly shower jellies leave you feeling fresh and fabulous in brand new ways.

Content card - Mouthcare


Content card - Dusting Powders

Dusting Powders