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Ambrette Seed Oil

Ambrette Seed Oil
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A vegan substitute for animal musk

The oil is an excellent plant-based substitute to animal musk notes in perfumery, and has a highly persistent scent, which makes it perfect as a fixative or a base note in fine fragrances.
Ambrette seed oil is used by aromatherapists to calm and boost moods, and is also said to be an aphrodisiac. The oil is distilled from the dried seeds of Abelmoschus moschatus (also known as Hibiscus mochatus, musk mallow and musk seed), a perennial shrub that's native to tropical Asia and widely cultivated in other tropical countries. It produces bright yellow, hibiscus-like flowers with purple centres, followed by hairy seed pods containing several kidney bean-shaped seeds. The seed pods are dried before distillation.