Fresh Organic Lemon Infusion

Fresh Organic Lemon Infusion
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Brightening and cleansing

We use fresh lemon infusion to cleanse and rejuvenate skin and hair. Lemons lift old skin cells, revealing bright, smooth and toned skin. They cleanse excess oils, leaving skin with a healthy glow. In haircare, lemons add shine as their natural acidity causes the outer portion of the hair strand, called the cuticle, to lie flat and reflect more light.
Citrus limonum is a thorny, evergreen tree with irregular branches bearing glistening, oval leaves. Its flowers are white and pink-tinged and strongly perfumed, which become the lemon fruit. We get our lemons fresh in as required. We make an infusion from fresh lemons by steeping them in boiling water. This infusion is strained and cooled, then added to our handmade products.