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Inventor's Story - 29 Article(s)

These are exactly what we say they are; luxurious bath products which melt in your bathwater, releasing essential oils and emollient ingredients to perfume and soften the skin. Read more
Did you know that we invented solid Bubble Bar Slices, and even have a patent on them? One night LUSH co-founder and product inventor Helen Ambrosen left a sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar mixture out and it accidentally got wet Read more
Father-and-son Gorilla Perfumers talk to us about their journey together Read more
Simon Constantine: “A short but powerful man beckons us. His name is the Venerable Ngawang Woebar and he’s a Tibetan monk. He welcomes us into the small room of his office and asks what it is we want..." Read more
An almost edible honey rich shower gel for lovers of Honey I Washed The Kids soap. Hallelujah! Read more
Mark on Ladyboy fragrance: "The banana isn’t some kind of a joke. The finished scent on the skin is sophisticated and contemporary in my opinion..." Read more
"I always find Mo, my wife, difficult to understand, but that can then be expressed through music. I don't really get her - she always leaves a little bit to be revealed..." -Mark Constantine, LUSH founder and product inventor Read more
"When I was young, I had a crush on a beautiful French waitress who smelled of lemons." -Mark Constantine, LUSH founder and product inventor Read more
After working for years to revolutionize the beauty industry, they've been given this incredible honor that recognizes their pioneering work as cosmetic scientists, philanthropists and business leaders. Read more
LUSH co-founder and product inventor Mark Constantine on the inspiration of Dear John perfume. Read more
Mark and Simon Constantine get down and Dirty. Read more
We always put the whole fruit in (did you ever think otherwise!) – those spotty bits you can see are the fig seeds. Read more