Packaging-free bubbles

Dive into packaging-free waters

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! The amount of plastic in our baths is just not cute. We're here to change that. With a wave of our bubble wands, we've banished plastic from our bath art. Our bubble bars, bath bombs and bath oils are created with fresh ingredients and give off such an amazing fragrance it would be a shame to coat them in plastic. Instead, we'd much rather stay totally naked.


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2 In 1 Bath Bomb

Question Block

Power up your bathing
$18.00 / 21.1 oz.
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Bubble Bar

Henny Penny

Comforting fruity-florals
$7.95 / 3.5 oz.
Avobath Star rating 4.5 star-filled star-filled star-filled star-filled star-half
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Bath Bomb


Mood-boosting lemongrass freshness
$7.50 / 6.3 oz.