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5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 60041
Self Preserving
We like our eggs sweet, foamy and vegan. Brazilian orange oil and vetivert oil make a cracking combination and will have you dreaming of being in a candy store filling a paper bag with fried egg gummy candies. Let this sudsy version wobble over your body in the shower and feel the refreshing, toning and brightening effects of fresh pineapple infusion. If ever there was a shower jelly that smelled good enough to eat, it’s this one.
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How to Use

Wet jelly and lather up. Cleanse skin, then rinse with warm water.


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Back to up my review to 5 stars after using it more.

Macomb, MI | 1 month ago

Now that I have seen how long the jelly lasts, I like it more so I reviewed again. You really need to use a loofah or something like that, get it wet, and rub it into the container. I was being conservative with it bc I didn't know how to use it and was afraid to waste it, but you can really get a great lather that goes a really long way if you do it right. Smells very sweet and warm -another uplifting smell.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


North Carolina | 1 month ago

The jellies are my favorite products. I LOVED this smell. It totally smells like pineapple but also all of the other sweetest candies that you can think of and love wrapped up into one little wiggly, jiggly egg. This is a jelly that I found I had to be very gentle with. I've tried others that seem to be more hearty. I would just stand in the shower and inhale the scent! Highly recommend!!!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Smells like banana lady taffy

Ohiya | 1 month ago

Okay i love this product, it is so fun to use, I'm actually looking forward to showering so i can use it again, smells nice like banana laffy taffy (pineapple extract???), only 4 stars because it falls apart after a few uses
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Smell isnt great but works

The OC | 1 month ago

Lathers nicely, works well if youre gentle with it. But it does not smell anything like pineapple, orange or vertier, like I was expecting. Smells artificial, reminds me of bubblegum, cotton candy, marshmallows, super sweet and fairly faint compared to most Lush products.

At least it was cheap!

California | 1 month ago

This is really cute but I ended up not really liking it. The smell is very fake and chemical like. I know jellies are fragile and I was very careful with it. Everything was fine for the first few washes. But then the yolk fell off and the rest off it began to tear and pieces were falling off. People say to use it with a loofah, but then what's the point of it being a jelly then? You might as well just use soap or body wash. Overall I was disappointed.

A Good Egg

VA | 1 month ago

COVID has me washing my hands constantly and using this smile-inducing, little jiggler, it's way more fun. My inner child is appeased. It smells like pineapple paradise. I blot it dry after use and it's still holding strong.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

So cute!

Va | 1 month ago

I keep my egg chilling in the fridge when not in use and this makes it easier to use in the shower. It's fun and refreshing. I then gentle plot in dry with a towel and back in it's little pot it goes. it invigorates the skin and smells like a tropical paradise.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I really wanted to like it

Dartmouth, MA | 1 month ago

I have LOVED every LUSH product I have purchased...except this one. Kinda fun...jiggly...feels good gliding on skin. But smells very fake, very chemically. Will not purchase again.

Please make this year round!!

Los Angeles | 1 month ago

I love this shower jelly. It smells amazing and lasts for its size. I am so sad it's a seasonal item. I guess I'm just gonna have to stock up!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Very Fun Scent. Will last if u use it right.

Macomb, MI | 2 months ago

The smell is deliciously sweet & pineappley&potent.I read the reviews before I bought this one to correctly use the jelly. Since it's slippery the best way seems to be to wet a loofah & rub it over the product in the container. It's produces a nice, light foam. This is a good one for warmer months if u need a quick wash, just slides right off. Took me awhile to figure out how much to rub it in since Lush products are so concentrated. If u get a good lather u can shave with it, but I think their other products are better for that. I like this one for say just freshening up after a workout & don't need a heavy drying cleanser or something like that.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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