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Roxy White

Roxy White, IT/Technical Support Helpdesk Supervisor, Lush North America, has been a Lush customer since 1997 and Lush employee since 2008.
She started out as a seasonal Christmas hire and is now is known as Mama Rox to all her shops and co-workers, helping keep technical operations running smoothly. 20+ year veteran of opticianry, self-proclaimed tech nerd, and lover of cats, dogs, critters, cats, sharks, beautiful poultry and cats.
Retired snowboarder, skateboarder and hockey player. Was studying to be an optometrist then switched gears to fight cybercrime in 2011, now dedicates free time to rescuing shelter animals, saving the sharks from becoming shark fin soup, occasionally running a race to raise funds for the animals and fighting animal testing.

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Nov 11.20

Judging the Lush Prize 2013

LUSH North America's own Roxy White judges the 2013 LUSH Prize! This year’s prize was 250,000 British pounds, divided up between 13 recipients in 5 categories. >>