Tasha Dennis

Tasha comes from the land of big box stores (also known as Brampton, Ontario) but now calls beautiful Vancouver home. When she’s not writing about all things LUSH, Tasha artfully balances her time between hiking, cycling, concert-going and indulging in local craft beer. She’s a sucker for good coffee and sci-fi TV shows, and aspires to be as much like Betty White as possible.

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Jun 06.28

My love is illegal

Lush Life

Meet Zdravko Cimbaljević, a human rights activist and Montenegro’s first openly gay man. >>

Tasha Dennis
Jun 06.26

Lush guide to: Pride

Lush Life

Heading to Pride? Check out these cities! >>

Tasha Dennis
Jun 06.24

Meet our partner: All Out

Ethical Campaigns

All about All Out! >>

Tasha Dennis
May 05.25

How to choose your scrub

How To

Rough and tough or a gentle genius? We help you find a scrubby cleanser for exfoliating from head to toe. >>

Tasha Dennis
May 05.21

The process of invention

Behind the Scenes

Why do we do what we do? Because what’s inside makes all the difference! >>

Tasha Dennis
May 05.20

Everybody’s waitin’ for the long weekend

Lush Life

Three whole days. What will you do this Memorial Day long weekend? >>

Tasha Dennis
May 05.15

Lush supports the people and animals of Nepal

Charity Pot

Lush is providing aid and support to those who need it most after Nepal’s devastating earthquakes. >>

Tasha Dennis