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Packaging generates an enormous amount of waste, with millions of tons ending up in landfills each year. What’s the best way to reduce packaging waste? By getting rid of packaging completely, of course!

We’re leading the way in innovative solid products, which eliminate the need for packaging altogether. We are incredibly proud of our “naked” solid Shampoo Bars, Conditioners, Henna hair colors and Massage Bars, which save millions of plastic bottles from being produced, transported and disposed of every year. By providing our customers with unpackaged options, we hope to increase awareness surrounding the overuse of disposable packaging and challenge other retailers to reduce their packaging too.

Another way we’ve revolutionized packaging is through the introduction of Knot-Wraps. Several years ago we stopped offering traditional gift wrapping in our shops in favor of reusable fabric Knot-Wrap. These are either made from Greenspun, a material created from recycled plastic bottles, or from organic cotton. Rather than being thrown away after opening, they can be reused again and again for gift wrapping, decorating or as an accessory.

When we can’t eliminate packaging completely (like in the case of shower gels or gift boxes), we use only recycled, recyclable, reusable or compostable materials, like our post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and biodegradable bags.