Candy-scented suds
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Self Preserving
Next time your little sweetie asks you for a treat, satisfy their candy cravings with Pink Fun. This vanilla and tonka-scented bubbler delivers a cheerful childhood blast from the past with its cotton candy scent. Mold this one into a pair of portly pigs or a collection of pretty bonbons, then crumble under running water for mounds of creamy candy bubbles.
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How to Use

To use as soap or shampoo, take a small bit in your hand, hop in the tub and lather up. If you fancy a bubble bath, crumble a small piece under a running tap for mountains of suds.


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My all time favorite scent!

Santa Maria, Ca | 17 days ago

I love this unique soap, it has THE BEST scent. I've been searching for lotions and body sprays with a similar smell, but I have yet to find anything. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Georgia | 18 days ago

Cringe. I thought this would be fun for my little one to use in the bath tub. I already wasn't happy with it having SLS in it, but I noticed there was talc in it too! The second ingredient. With so many company's taking talc out of their products, I'm saddened lush continues to use it. In the trash it goes.
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