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Plastic Free July

One small change, one large impact

This Plastic Free July, we're all about making small changes to our everyday routine that can create a big change for the planet. Curious about ditching plastic in your shower? Our shampoo bars are ready to lather and freshen up your hair. Or maybe you want to update your skincare routine? Get totally naked and embrace that smooth and supple glow. 

8 million

Each year, 8 million metric tones of plastic end up in our oceans.

350+ options

Last year, Lush offered more than 350 solid and packaging-free options, including year-round and limited-edition products.

80-100 washes

A shampoo bar can last from 80 to 100 washes depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

Lather up your shampoo bar, or pressed conditioner in your hand and massage into your locks. Or swipe through hair, concentrating pressed conditioner on the ends.

Lathered, washed and ready to use next time? Store your shampoo bar or pressed conditioner in one of our metal tins.


Jumping Juniper

Shampoo Bars
Balancing lavender bar


Naked Pressed Conditioner
Soften wild hair
Leaving Soon

Round Tin

Round and round it goes


Shampoo Bars
For big, beachy hair

9% recycled

Only 9% of the plastic sold in the United States is recycled.

Use your body's natural temperature to melt rich butters and fresh ingredients into your skin. Our naked skincare likes to be kept in our metal tins and away from heat.


Fresh Farmacy

Facial Soap
For sensitive and troubled skin

Dream Steam

Steamer Tab
Calm and soothe
Leaving Soon

Like A Virgin

Naked Cold Cream
Keep it simple
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Nourishing solid serum

"My face feels and smells AMAZING"



Facial Soap
Whole-made goodness
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Recently bought this as part of my transition into a zero-waste lifestyle, and holy I am never going back. Recommended by a staff member, it leaves my skin feeling so soft I barely need to moisturize afterwards. So happy I bought this product it has worked better than anything else I've tried. Definitely try to let it dry as best you can before putting it in a sealed container, it does absorb water quite a bit. Doesn't hinder the quality, just makes it a bit softer and squishier.

Maria, Vancouver BC

One bar = one bottle

A 100g bar of soap is equivalent to a 500ml bottle of liquid soap.



A scrubby Brazilian cocktail
Zingy, minty suds
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