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A Matter of Pride

Learn about the history of Pride, why it still matters and what it means to us

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What if your love was illegal? Read article image

What if your love was illegal?

Why does Pride matter to you?

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"It matters because we all need someone to look up to, to show us that we're not alone, that we're still here and growing as a community."

Sushi, Lush Manufacturing

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"Pride to me means celebrating the fact that I’m gay, and celebrating the people who made Pride happen."

Mohamed, Lush Robson St

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"Pride matters to me because as queer people we need these events to remember where we have come from and where we have triumphed."

Matthew, Lush Manufacturing

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"My family was created out of love and commitment. And every single day I am grateful for the work and sacrifices that have been made by the LGBTQ2+ community and our allies."

Vanessa, Lush Head Office