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Tough on rough skin
4.4 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 00265
Self Preserving
Our classic scrubby, moisturizing body butter slays dryness with ease. It's packed full of exfoliating ground rice, almonds and beans in a creamy cocoa and shea butter base so you can slough away your dry bits and moisturize at the same time, revealing smooth, bright skin. How efficient!
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How to Use

Rub the bar onto wet skin to soften bumpy bits. Massage in the rich butters, rinse and pat dry.

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Amazing product but hardly lasts

New York | 6 days ago

Off the bat, this product is amazing. Feels very good on the skin. However, I think it's pretty pricey given that it barely lasts a few washes (and I use it sparingly). On the fence about whether this is worth a repeat buy.

A new staple

Denver, Colorado | 6 days ago

I have LOVED using Buffy!! It has a unique, soft smell and leaves the area feeling moisturized and soft (this works great for exfoliating the bikini line). Will buy again & again!!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Love this product!

Waterville, Maine | 13 days ago

I love using the Buffy bar to exfoliate and moisturize my skin. I don't even need to use lotion after showering because it leaves my skin so soft and smooth.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I will buy this product again!! And again

Miami Florida | 21 days ago

My husband got this for me in a gift box for my birthday first and then again on mother's day because i loved the product so much i actually use it on my face only. It leaves your skin extremely soft im in love with this product! My next order will be 2 or more bars at a time because it does melt down fast and especially for me because i use it twice a day morning & night. Highly recommend
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

The best purchase I have made in 26 years

Loveland, CO | 23 days ago

I just moved to Colorado and my skin was drier than a bag of chalk in the desert. I used it ONCE and my body feels like it's been kissed by 1000 baby angels. I 150% recommend this to everyone.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Big no from me

Vancouver | 23 days ago

I bought this and the scrubee at the same time. I must say the scrubee is by far better. I have fairly sensitive skin and the almond bits in this hurt my skin and its not nearly as moisturizing as the scrubee. I'm also not a huge fan of this scent, but scents are really to each their own. I will be going back to the scrubee for sure.

Wonderful wonderful

Romeoville IL | 24 days ago

I have been addicted to this great moisturizing scrub since I found it years ago in the original Covent Garden store. Ordered it for years from Canada and still use it today in 95% of the showers I take
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

First time buying, and won't be my last!

Dayton, OH | 24 days ago

It really is packed full of exfoliants and does a great job smoothing dry skin. If you have sensitive, already pretty soft skin, it may be too harsh. I personally love the rough texture and how it scratches my itches. The solid texture of the bar makes it much easier to use and target specific areas than using your hand to scoop out a handful and rub in with your hands while half of it either falls off and goes down the drain or just dissolves too quickly. I love how this doesn't dissolve yet is still eco-friendly. Based on other reviews, I do not keep mine in the shower or in a hot area as I don't want it to melt. It is a little pricey, but you don't need to use it all the time or that much at a time. You can just rub a little of the bar over your skin and use your hands to do it manually to conserve more of the bar. It makes your skin suuuuuuper soft so that you don't really need to use lotion which is great. I also used it as a shaving prep & cream, and it worked rather nicely. I will be buying more for myself and my loves ones! :)
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Must try this product!

East Lansing, MI | 26 days ago

I had been having dry skin on the sides of my thighs from wearing jeans every day at work. I used this product ONE time, and it immediately took care of this issue. It is a MUST for moisturizing your body!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Hamilton | 27 days ago

I had keratosis pilaris on my arms (bumpy skin) and it's completely gone now!!! This product is magical! It has become apart of my daily showers. This product leaves your skin feeling exfoliated while also moisturizing the heck out of your skin ! It leaves your body feeling so soft and leaves a beautiful shine on your skin. It's great because if your in a rush and don't have time to moisturize or don't have cream on hand, don't worry your body will be completely soft ! Just make sure you don't leave it in the shower leave it in a room temp area as it melts super fast from the heat. I learned this the hard way!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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