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Innovation alert: this formula is now egg-free, but will have the same gorgeous effects as before.

Our fresh and fruity shaving soap will have you dreaming of summer picnics every time you take a whiff. We've whipped fresh strawberries with moisturizing rosehip oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil into a light, marshmallowy soap that softens skin when you shave with it. Plus, all those hydrating ingredients keep post-shaving redness to a minimum!

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How to Use

Massage onto damp skin and shave as you normally would, then rinse off.

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Just okay

N.E | 3 days ago

It's a nice color, fluffy and feels smooth. I like the whipped feel! The smell wasn't for me, too floral. It didn't work any better than store bought which you get alot more for alot less cost even considering organic and chemical free types.

Just ok

Jax,FL | 5 days ago

This is good for shaving overall. But kinda messy to use. Doesn't smell great.

will be buying this again

boston | 5 days ago

I've always loved shaving soap but my last jar I didn't care for. This one is much better and smells 100% better. At first I had issues like other guys but one day I decided to try to mix it in the palm of my hand. This seems to work just great and gives me a nice lather. If you are having trouble try it that way. I put the brush in and make sure I get a good amount of the brush, then I mix it into the palm of my hand and then put the foam back on my face. Try it. Next I would like to try one of the creams to compare.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

A Little Goes A Long Way!

Atlanta, Ga | 8 days ago

There is a trick to using this correctly! You do not need very much to get a good shave! A very THIN layer is all you need. I use just 3 fingertips of product for my bottom half of my leg. If you use too much you will not be able to shave because your razor will clog! That being said, this is the BEST I've used for shaving. The fact that you don't need much product makes a container last forever. My legs and underarms are soft and hydrated with no irritation.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

My Go-To Shaving Soap

Boston, MA | 9 days ago

I've been using D'Fluff for years! Regular shaving creams like skintimate and gillette have caused irritation and have been really drying. D'Fluff has a nice, creamy formula and a gentle strawberry scent. I even got my husband hooked and now he uses it when shaving his face.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Heavenly smell, soft legs, whats not to love?

Vashon | 19 days ago

This smells amazing, like strawberry heaven. You only need a little bit. I can shave both arms and legs with about a tablespoon, so it lasts a while. Super soft and easy to use, it leaves skin soft and smelling amazing. I would definitely reccomend!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Innisfil | 25 days ago

the smell makes me fall in love over and over every time I open it, it also stays on your body and your skin smells sooo good all day, I love it not only the smell but also makes my skin feel silky smooth I wish there were other products with the same fregrance, I just can't get enough of it
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Minnesota | 8 months ago

Verified Reviewer

The bright pink color and strawberry scent is the reason I wanted to buy this . It smells more like roses than strawberry . But still smells nice . I wet my legs , take a small amount and rub in my legs . It will not foam , but a subtle lather . This does make my legs smooth , although not the closest shave , I have to go over twice . I took a star off because it's expensive and if you shave every few days , a tub won't last long
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Fantastic Shaving SOAP

America | 10 months ago

This is the real deal shave soap. For all those reviews having problems with spreading the product, it's because it's a shave soap not a cream. A badger hair style brush and bowl is needed. A little piece is placed in the bowl with a small amount of water. Next take the brush and lather it up. Spread on skin after that.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Redcliff | 10 months ago

Verified Reviewer

This product is amazing for sensitive skin! I usually have a hard time shaving my legs due to extreme sensitivity, but this stuff is serious magic! It softens my skin, smells amazing, don't need to use much product ( a little truly does go a long way) and works wonders for shaving. I will be using this as my staple shaving soap from now on as I've tried every other product out there and nothing compares to D'Fluff!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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