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Take a sensory journey with one of our transformative treatments

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For your mind, body and soles, there's nothing ordinary about a Lush Spa treatment. Whether you come in for a luxurious and indulgent body scrub or a therapeutic massage, you'll sink deep into a serene world filled with music and exclusive Lush products. Enjoy your own personal sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.
The Planets The Planets
Spa Treatment

The Planets

Set a new course

The Sound Bath The Sound Bath
Spa Treatment

The Sound Bath

Shut out the noise

The Good Hour The Good Hour
Spa Treatment

The Good Hour

Limber up

The Spell The Spell
Spa Treatment

The Spell

Walk on air

The Comforter? The Comforter?
Spa Treatment

The Comforter?

Dive into pure imagination

Hard Days Night Hard Days Night
Spa Treatment

Hard Days Night

Feel rested

Synaesthesia Synaesthesia
Spa Treatment


Renew body and mind

Tailor Made Tailor Made
Spa Treatment

Tailor Made

Hone in on tension

Validation Validation
Spa Treatment


Fresh faced