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Easy 3-step Routine for Dry Skin

Have a moisture moment

Dry skin requires as much of a skincare balancing act as combination or oily skin.

You might find it gets irritated by foaming cleansers or astringent toners, while a thick layer of moisturizer can make it feel suffocated. If you really want to get a dewy, plump look without shine or redness, stick to a simple collection of products to gently remove dirt and oil and lock in essential hydration for all-day softness.

Step 1: Cleanse with cream

The last time you saw a jar of cold cream was probably on your grandmother’s bathroom counter, but these moisturizing cleansers are due for a comeback. Cleansing creams can wipe away dirt, oil and even makeup without leaving skin feeling tight or dry.

Like A Virgin is our take on the classic cold cream: a naked, solid version made with moisturizing extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oil to break down dirt and makeup.

Rub Like A Virgin between your palms and massage the oils gently into the face, taking extra care with your delicate eye area. Then using a damp face cloth, rub your face in slow circular motions until clean.

Final tip: for particularly stubborn waterproof eye makeup, you may want to repeat this last step around your eyes to ensure all traces of it are gone.

Like A Virgin cleans deep without drying out your beautiful skin.

A woman applies Like A Virgin directly to her face.

Step 2: Tone with steam

Next, get a little steamy with a toner tab. These waste-free wonders like Dream Steam feel like a mini spa treatment and are a lot more fun than your usual spray toner.

To use, fill a bowl with hot water, drop in the tab, and lean your face over the bowl. You can also put a towel over your head to soak up the steam’s full benefits. Close your eyes, relax and let the balancing lavender oil and calming chamomile blue oil open your pores and soothe your skin.

When you’re done, save the water in a small spray bottle to use throughout the week when you want to freshen up. Just remember to keep it in the fridge between uses.

Step 3: Moisturize with oil

Finally, finish with a facial oil. Facial oils feel lighter on the skin than a traditional cream and help to seal in the moisture from your toner while adding plenty of nutrients of their own. Banana Skin is a nice choice for dry skin, thanks to moisturizing murumuru and illipe butters, as well as nourishing fresh bananas and softening tapioca powder.

Just like the naked cold cream, rub the naked facial oil between your palms and gently massage into skin. The tapioca powder has the added benefit of providing a touch of matte finish so you won’t look shiny for the rest of the day (or night).