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Shampoo. Reimagined.

Transforming fresh, whole fruits into our most luxurious creations

It’s early morning in the Lush kitchens in Vancouver, and the sun has just begun to rise.

Inside, piles of fresh oranges are being peeled by hand in preparation for today’s product order. As the first strip coils and drops to the table, a fine mist of juice sprays delicately into the air. Madu’s hands are soon sticky-sweet, stained the vivid color of fresh orange peels.

The fresh, whole fruits will be transformed – blended with andiroba and sweet orange oils, mixed into a base of soap needles and pressed into a solid, self-preserving Brazilliant Shampoo Bar.

Madu peeling fresh oranges for Brazilliant

Madu peeling fresh oranges

Why use fresh oranges in a shampoo? Simple: fresh ingredients have yet to break down or age, so they’re full of active vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which help keep skin and hair healthy and looking their best.

We blend whole organic oranges into our Brazilliant Shampoo Bar because they’re packed with conditioning vitamins and nutrients. We add toning sweet orange and nourishing andiroba oils to our gently cleansing shampoo base for a bar that leaves locks gleaming.

Every single ingredient – in every single product – is meticulously chosen for its benefits to your skin, hair and mind.