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Charity Pot, the Gift That Gives Back

Kindness has never been so needed

Giving is at the heart of our business

In 2007, we created our Charity Pot Body Lotion to make a difference in the world and support those working on the frontlines for human rights, animal protection and environmental justice. The idea was simple; with every pot sold, 100 percent of the price (minus the tax) is donated to grassroots organizations. “Lush will give our time, our raw materials and our shop space to Charity Pot – if you will be kind to enough to buy it”, says Mark Constantine, Lush Co-founder.

50 million 'thanks' from the bottom of our hearts

Since its launch, Lush customers have bought over 3.5 million Charity Pots, raising an incredible $50 million for 1,850 projects in North America and another 950 around the world. It really is because of our amazing community of givers that we've been able to reach this milestone and provide 2,800 grants to groups working tirelessly to create change in the world.

The gift that gives back

Vegan and cruelty-free, this beautiful self-preserving body lotion is made with a base of hydrating cocoa butter and a rich blend of ylang ylang and rosewood oils. Up to seven ingredients used in the formula are currently being sourced from our Sustainable Lush Fund projects, which support regenerative agriculture around the world. Today, you can also find this generous body lotion in a packaging-free version—which comes in three different designs, each honoring one of our three areas of support.

Charity Pot is not only a beautiful body lotion that will leave your skin touchably soft and subtly perfumed, but it also makes the perfect gift for everyone in your life. Charity Pot is a thoughtful way to gift something that has a positive impact on people, animals and the planet.

How does your purchase help grassroots organizations?

For every Charity Pot you buy, 100 percent of the sale price (minus the tax) goes into a fund. Then, we give grants of up to $15,000 to small, grassroots groups from all around the world who have applied for funding to support projects addressing the root cause of issues to create long-term, sustainable change. Once selected, they become one of our Charity Pot partners! These groups can be registered and unregistered charities, non-for-profits, community and indigenous organizations. See the full list of our guidelines and learn how to apply or nominate an organization for funding.

Looking for more ways to give back? You can also directly support the amazing organizations we are fortunate to partner with. Here are just some ideas for how your purchases or time spent over the season can be of huge benefit to communities, animals and the planet.

Food Security

The pandemic has caused the number of families facing food insecurity to increase and has brought more attention to the vulnerabilities that many communities experience on a daily basis.

Green Iglu is tackling food insecurity in Canada by building Growing Dome® greenhouses paired with educational programming to grow fresh, affordable produce across the country.

Northern regions in Canada face very challenging climates, including freezing temperatures, blistering winds and heavy snowfall—making traditional farming nearly impossible.

With $25, they can grow up to 100 food servings and $250 can put an academic unit in a school that teaches K-12 classes about horticulture and nutrition in a way that relates to their culture and surrounding environment. Donate here.

Environmental Justice

One of the greatest gifts we can give is contributing to restoring a greener future for every living being on the planet.

Climate Mobilization is an organization helping to build power to restore a safe climate before it's too late. Through a donation, you will fund organizing and policy innovations to help make a national climate mobilization a reality.

You can also pick up the book by the founder of Climate Mobilization, Margaret Klein Salamon, called Facing the Climate Emergency. This complete guide on becoming part of the climate solution would do a great gift for yourself or someone on your list.

Women's Healing & Leadership

Healing to Action is ending gender-based violence by building the leadership and collective power of low-income black and brown women, youth, gender non-conforming people and survivors from the LGBTQ and disabilities communities.

By donating $50, you'll help provide two-hours of healing space for leaders to build relationships between survivors and help them break through their personal isolation and facilitate their healing from trauma. This fearless group is also providing skills and training, so survivors can organize against structural barriers that perpetuate gender-based violence. Donate here.


Pencils for Kids is also a fantastic group offering education, training and income-generating opportunities to communities. Their main focus is on the needs of children, girls and women in Niger, West Africa.

By giving the gift of education, more women can be trained in agriculture as a business through their Farmers of the Future program. With this training, more women gain sewing skills and the ability to generate income through the sewing Centre. Plus, with their Scholarships For Girls, more girls are given the opportunity to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Donate and get involved here.

Support groups that help rehabilitate and defend the wildlife.

A close up image of the face of an Panamanian White-faced Capuchin monkey.

Animal Protection

Every animal deserves a second chance at life. NAPSA (North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance) is bringing together the primate sanctuary community to provide sanctuary for captive primates and advocates to eliminate primates exploitation.

Right now, approximately 32 chimpanzees originally coming from biomedical research labs, the entertainment industry and private owners, await relocation from a closed rescue facility in Los Angeles. Your support can help with the chimpanzees' current care and new housing being built. Show your love here.

It's been a challenging year for all. If you can’t afford to make a purchase or donation right now, consider that offering a hand to shovel a neighbor’s driveway, hosting a coat drive or dropping off a meal to someone sick are all things that you can do to give back – not just over the holiday season, but every day.

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