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5 Easy Packaging-free Swaps

Sweet-smelling switches

Paper, plastic and cardboard packaging from everyday products can really add up.

But if you’re making the transition to a low-waste lifestyle, it’s easy to find ways to cut the excess packaging without sacrificing your self-care routine.

Swap 1: Roll-on deodorant to Aromaco

Maybe you’ve already made the switch from anti-perspirant to a more natural deodorant, but that plastic twist-up container doesn’t seem ideal. Fear not: an alternative that’s both naked and natural does exist.

Aromaco is a solid deodorant filled with astringent witch hazel. This helps to eliminate the microbes that form odor-cause bacteria, as well as chamomile vinegar which soothes skin and tighten pores. Just sweep it on after a shower when your skin is a little warmer to the touch and let Aromaco’s light patchouli scent keep you feeling fresh all day long.

Swap 2: Body lotion to Little Pot Of Energy

Whether it’s a pump, bottle or tub, body lotion is usually one of the biggest containers on your bathroom counter. Plus, it can be hard to get out every last drop of lotion without cutting it open or squeezing it to death.

Free up space without losing skin-softening goodness with solid body lotions like Little Pot Of Energy. This tiny citrus-scented powerhouse is made with a rich cocoa butter base to smooth and soften skin, while vitamin C-packed grapefruit and orange puree brighten and tone. It’s great when used after the bath or shower as it seals in moisture and melts on contact with warmer skin. Bonus: you can use it right down to the last bit without having to shake the life out of a plastic bottle.

Live in a hot climate? Be sure to keep your Little Pot Of Energy in the fridge or freezer between uses so it doesn’t have a total meltdown.

Little Pot Of Energy is loaded with brightening, invigorating citrus.

A woman applies Little Pot Of Energy to her arm.

Swap 3: Shampoo bottle to Seanik

Our shampoo bars are famous for so many reasons: they’re compact, waste-free, great for travel, easy to use and give you the same beautifully clean hair as a bottled wash. There are options for all hair types, but Seanik has been a long-time fan favorite thanks to a combination of volumizing fine sea salt and nutrient-rich nori seaweed giving you big, soft, beachy hair all year round.

If you’re looking to save even more time and shower space, Coconut Rice Cake is a great 2-in-1 option for those with oilier hair. Cleanse and condition all in one go thanks to softening cocoa butter and a nourishing, hydrating blend of coconut milk and creamed coconut.

Swap 4: Body wash to Sexy Peel

Swap the hassle of bottled body wash and a big fluffy shower puff for a single bar of sudsy soap. Try the bestselling Sexy Peel which has tons of vitamin C-rich lemon, lime and orange juices. One slice of soap cleans your whole body and doesn’t require any additional packaging.

We sell all our soaps by the slice, and you can bring in your own reusable container when you come to the store. This way you can skip the label and wrapping if you want to go totally zero waste. Just remember to always put your soap in a draining soap dish. This lets it dry between uses so you get more out of every bar.

Swap 5: Toner to Dream Steam

Our toner tabs are hidden gems: one little tab gives you a beautiful facial steam and a refreshing toner all in one. To start, fill a bowl with boiling water and drop in either Dream Steam if you have dry or irritated skin, or Tea Tree if you have oily or troubled skin. Then just lean your face over the bowl and let it soothe your skin as it opens your pores. Afterwards, apply your usual moisturizer to lock it all in. Take the water left in the bowl and funnel it into a reusable spritzing bottle and keep in the fridge between uses. Now you’ve got a week’s worth of facial toner from just one tab.

For more tips on how to swap your products for packaging-free alternatives, contact our Customer Care team.