How Eco-friendly is Your Lush Gift?

Keeping products safe and planets happy

Curious to know exactly what goes into that perfect Christmas present you just bought/ received?

From the box and the ribbon, to the peanuts, tags and even the products themselves, we’re committed to making your gifts as eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable as possible. So, if you're looking to gift ethically this season, you can trust that we have thought of everything to make sure your Christmas doesn't impact the planet.

Plant-based compostable packing peanuts

Open almost any Lush gift and you’ll be greeted by your lovely products nestled in a sea of what looks like typical packing peanuts. But unlike wasteful polystyrene, our peanuts are made from something natural. At first, we used regular old popcorn, but then we found something even better. Our peanuts are now made from a starch-based material that’s more efficient than popcorn and more eco-conscious than styrafoam. First, it takes 23 percent less energy to produce (one ton of starch will produce 7.5 times more packing material than one ton of kernels) and it can be made with just a bit of starch and water. All of which makes these pillowy nuggets 100 percent biodegradable and perfect for home composting.

Recycled tags and inserts

We know that giving your loved ones, or yourself, a box filled with naked bath bombs, bubble bars and solid shower gels will make anyone’s day—but first they need to know how to use them. So, we include lists of products and their uses in our gifts. That way, even friends and family who are less familiar with Lush can share in the joy without, say, accidentally dropping a full amazeball  into a full tub. 
What we’re less excited about is a load of waste going straight in the trash. That’s why all our gift tags and inserts are made from 100 percent recycled paper. And when your recipient has gotten the hang of things, they can toss their paper instructions right in the recycling bin.

Karma packs up a collection of bestsellers in a beautiful reusable tin.

The contents of the Karma Gift, including the perfume, lotion and soap, plus its reusable tin.

Reusable boxes, bags and bows

We want all our gift packaging to feel like gifts themselves, which is why many of our presents are packed in beautiful hatboxes, cute collectible tins or reusable Knot-wraps. These multipurpose containers let your recipients enjoy their gifts long after the last bubble has popped, and the Christmas tree has come down. For example our Snow Fairy Gift  is beautifully wrapped in a knot-wrap that you can reuse as a fab fashion accessory. And what would a gift box be without a bow? Our thoughts exactly, which is why our satin and grosgrain ribbons, woven in North America, are made from recycled PET.