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Get your Beauty Sleep

Sweet dreams are made of this

When Lush co-founder and cosmetic aficionado—Mark Constantine—has a dream, it's usually about a new product idea. This time, it happened to be for a product that will not only nourish the skin with exquisite and lavish ingredients but also help you relax and unwind before bedtime. [insert our newest and most lavish innovation yet!]

Introducing Beauty Sleep Face And Body Mask . Inspired by the constant quest for a good night's sleep, this sumptuous mask combines royally rich ingredients for the skin with herbs renowned for their soothing qualities along with a spoonful of Lush's most exquisite facial moisturizer, Gorgeous.

Our most lavish innovation yet for an extra-indulgent approach to self-care.

A person’s hands holding Beauty Sleep and grabbing product from the pot over white background.

Welcome to dreamland

The first ingredient in this decadent blend is lemon verbena and valerian root extracted in honey . Lemon verbena acts as a mild astringent to keep the skin clean, while valerian root keeps the mind calm. These two powerful ingredients are soaked in honey to extract their properties. This extract combines the ability to calm the mind and boost your skin's natural glow. And the honey…oh honey! This sweet moisturizer also acts as a self-preserving ingredient and it's sourced from beekeepers that use responsible and sustainable hive management practices.

We also added an in-house made decoction featuring mullein leaf and linseed . Linseeds are rich in polyholosides, known to help skin retain water, leaving you hydrated and smooth. And mullein—sourced from a small organic farm with an emphasis on working in harmony with nature—is known to have emollient and cleansing properties on the skin, which makes it perfect for cosmetic use.

There's also a good story behind ultra-hydrating extra virgin coconut oil used in Beauty Sleep. This nourishing elixir is sourced from coconuts harvested and processed on the Indonesian Island of Nias . Ten percent of profits go directly to support the Ono Niha Foundation. This non-profit organization provides physical and economic support to the people of south Nias and beyond. This foundation provides education, literacy and computer classes for the local children, as well as therapy sessions for children with varying mental and physical disabilities.

And of course, if we are looking for a soothing effect before bedtime, we had to include lavender oil. This gorgeous oil is obtained from the plant's woody stems and purple flowers, via steam distillation. Lavender is commonly used to calm the mind, aid restful sleep and promote relaxation. We use lavender oil in Beauty Sleep to give a sweet and relaxing scent and a soothing effect on the skin.

But that's not all; this extra-indulgent approach to self-care also features wheatgerm oil and cold-pressed oils of avocado and evening primrose to nourish and moisturize, as well as neroli oil and myrrh resinoid to keep skin feeling beautiful and bouncy. Finally, freshly-squeezed orange , lemon and pineapple juices complement the mask's polishing effect by offering smoothness and radiance.

Do you need a personalized nighttime routine? Contact our dedicated Customer Care team or book an online private consultation with our store managers if you have any questions about your skincare routine and they'll be more than happy to help.

Get Your Beauty Sleep