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Banner - Gifts That Give Back: Hakhu Indigenous Women’s Association

Gifts That Give Back: Hakhu Indigenous Women’s Association

Empowering women across the Amazon

Finding the perfect gift can be a tricky endeavor! Whether it's a birthday celebration, a special occasion or just a little something to say thanks, finding the right gift - and one that also gives back - is an incredible feeling. You get to warm the heart of the person who receives it while making a real difference in the world at the same time—what could be better?

We know that finding gifts that give back isn’t always easy, so we’re featuring Lush Charity Pot partners that sell fab gifts to support their organizations.

Meet Hakhu Indigenous Women’s Association

This organization sells beautiful products made by indigenous women artisans from the Ecuadorian Amazon. The money earned from the sales of handmade jewelry and accessories provides sustainable income for families while also contributing to positive social and environmental change. Hakhu operates in four areas: education, health, the generation of sustainable income and advocacy.

The biggest problem faced in the Ecuadorian Amazon is the exploitative extraction of natural resources by the fossil fuel industry. This leads to aggressive deforestation and, ultimately, the displacement of indigenous communities and loss of their traditional way of life.

Hakhu has created a grassroots indigenous organization that runs programs and projects to mitigate these threats. It also supports community-based economic initiatives, like classes that pass on traditional art forms and keep cultural knowledge from disappearing.

More than 200 indigenous women across three provinces in the Ecuadorian Amazon currently contribute handmade artisanal items, and Hakhu hopes that number will continue to grow with the support of its customers. Selling their handiwork via Hakhu provides jobs and stability for families who now face less pressure to leave their traditional territories in search of employment.

Gifts that Give Back

By purchasing a gorgeous Hakhu necklace, an intricate tote bag or a protective phone case, you’re not only creating a viable economy for women in the Amazon, you’re contributing to cultural preservation and rainforest conservation, too.

To learn more about Hakhu’s work, visit their Instagram page or follow them on Facebook.