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Going Gray?

The best way to care for white, silver and gray hair

Hooray for gray!

Going gray has never been more exciting. For ages, most people tried to hide their gray locks, but with so many searches for taking care of gray hair, it’s a sign: people are ditching the dye and embracing the gray! And when it’s time to transition, it’s time to think about how to take care of this new-to-you hair.

What’s different about gray?

Inside your hair follicles there are pigment cells that produce melanin—this is what gives you your natural hair color. Throughout your life, strands of your hair fall out and grow back as the same color. However, as we age, our bodies stop producing melanin, so the hair that grows back is often white, silver or gray. And when that happens, it might be time to look at a new haircare routine.

So, what makes gray hair different? As we get older, we also produce less sebum (an oil your body produces to help lubricate and waterproof your skin, scalp and hair) which can cause follicles to be drier and make silver locks look coarse—seems like a downer, right? Nope! This new texture can actually make hair feel thicker, while holding hairstyles better and for longer.

Daddy-O’s deep purple hue helps keep gray, silver and white hair looking shiny.

A purple shampoo quietly piles up in the palm of a hand

So, what’s the best way to care for gray hair?

When grays first start to make an appearance, most stylists agree that you probably don’t need to change your routine just yet. However, once gray hair is more prominent, it’s time to go Daddy-O.

Available in a shampoo and solid conditioner, Daddy-O was made for gray. Our purple shampoo is packed with fresh organic lime juice and a fresh organic lemon infusion that help keep your hair cuticles lying flat, so they reflect more light and help gray hair shine. The fresh lemon and bladderwrack seaweed infusion work together with coconut oil to not only cleanse but add a healthy dose of moisture to your locks, too. Keeping them feeling and looking super soft.

The intense violet color of Daddy-O isn’t just for show, either. Purple shampoos are for those with gray, white, blond or silver locks—whether you get that color naturally or otherwise. The lack of pigment in lighter-colored hair means that things like residue from water or even haircare products can cause it to look yellow or brassy. The purple pigment of shampoos like Daddy-O neutralizes those brassy tones to bring out its bright, shiny color.

Sugar Daddy-O is a small purple bar that’s packed with big conditioning power. A linseed infusion and guar gum are complemented by a scalp-nourishing lineup of fair trade shea butter and argan oil to add even more moisture for a soft feel along with a delicate floral bouquet of violet leaf absolute, rose and bergamot. Both products also work great for blond hair, too.