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Meet our Partners

Working together to protect our oceans and marine life

It’s up to us to save our oceans before it’s too late.

Sharks are under attack: their populations have plummeted by more than 90 percent in just 40 years. Millions are killed each year for use in food (including pet food), cosmetics and supplements. These apex predators are vital for keeping our oceans healthy, because they keep marine ecosystems in balance. Without them, other species of fish feed on coral reefs, seagrass beds and other marine plants that help sustain a healthy habitat.

We’re fighting back against the #SHARKATTACK. We’ll donate 100 percent of the sales of our limited edition sea-inspired Shark Fin Soap to support the Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation—created in the name of late activist Rob Stewart to keep his legacy of ocean conservation going. Our Charitable Giving program also supports dozens of grassroots groups that are also working to keep our oceans healthy. Pick up a pot of Charity Pot Body Lotion and we’ll donate 100 percent of the sale price to groups dedicated to human rights, animal protection and environmental justice, including those working to protect oceans.

Meet this year’s partners

R.O.L.E. Foundation
Founded in 2007, R.O.L.E. (River, Ocean, Land and Ecology) was created to stop waste from making its way to our oceans. They’re based in Bali, Indonesia where roughly half of all land-based waste flows into the ocean—a massive volume of garbage that’s now covering Australia’s coastline. A Lush Charity Pot partner, R.O.L.E. raises awareness through education and community action like beach cleanups, zero waste conferences and a video competition highlighting the effects of waste on our health. They also provide environmental educational programs for governments, school children, and local hotels and businesses.

All One Ocean
All One Ocean provides simple, effective and sustainable ways to get everyone involved in saving our oceans. Their goal is to create awareness around the destructive impact that litter has on our oceans and waterways through education, local action and cleanups, and so much more. Their work in the United States has helped eliminate hundreds of thousands of pieces of trash from entering waterways, with the belief that everyone and everything deserves healthy water and that it’s up to all of us to be responsible for the actions we take every day.

Fins Attached
With a focus on marine research and conservation, Fins Attached is working toward a future with healthy oceans. They conduct research, promote conservation and educate folks on ways to protect our marine ecosystems, as well as apex predators like sharks. Most recently, their research has been focused on gathering information on the movements of sea turtles, sharks and other migratory marine species off the coast of Costa Rica. This work will help create better-informed protection and management plans for sharks.

Association for Denman Island Marine Stewards (ADIMS)
By advocating respect for our marine ecosystems and their inhabitants, ADIMS fights for healthy oceans through protection and education. They’ve helped to create awareness in Canada about the impact of microplastics and beach debris on marine ecosystems as well as herring and spawning sea life. They’ve helped bring together 40 different stakeholders to co-operate and communicate solutions for the degradation of marine ecosystems—a pilot model for how other at-risk ecosystems could be managed.