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How to Be an Indoor Activist

Fight the climate crisis from your living room

Until the next time we meet on the streets.

Activism has taken many forms in recent years—from collectively taking to the streets across the globe to demand action, to digital days of action to pressure lawmakers to make change, to local campaigns at the community level. It’s safe to say, we are all familiar with the ways to connect with like-minded activists on issues we care about.

In this time of physical distancing, we are all learning how to effectively take action, keep the pressure up and ensure that, even amidst this global pandemic, we are building the world we want to see in the future.

Difficult as it is now, this pandemic will subside, and we will learn some profound lessons from the experience

-David Suzuki, March 27, 2020

By switching to green energy we can help realign and reset the Earth.

Image of Earth with a reset button.

At Lush, we looked to our community partners for some direction on ‘indoor activism’. Here are ten things that you can do while responsibly self-isolating. 

1. Register to vote

If you are a citizen in the US and Canada —register to vote. Casting a vote in elections—from federal leadership to down-ballot initiatives— is so critical to ensure that our leaders continue to hear from us about taking bold action for the climate. There are great initiatives calling for a just transition, like the Green New Deal, that need support.

2. Vote early

Pledge to vote early in the US election—Vote Early Day is an initiative to ensure that all eligible Americans know their options for casting a ballot. While we don’t know if we’ll be ‘back to normal’ in November, find out about how you can ensure your voice is heard.

3. Green your power

Lots of states and provinces offer you the option to switch your home energy to green power. The Solutions Project is a great place to start.

4. Don’t invest in fossil fuels

Find out if you are investing in fossil fuels through your banking institution. Stopping the money pipeline to companies that are extracting dirty energy is something you can do by simply moving your money.

5. Plant seeds of change

If you can, plant a garden that welcomes pollinators and also support and share posts from organizations and thought leaders that campaign for intersectional thinking such as our friend Favianna Rodriguez who advocates for a plant-based diet, climate and racial justice and creativity through Culture Strike.

6. Listen to Indigenous leaders

Many voices are offering perspectives on how to in repair our relationship with Mother Nature from an Indigenous perspective. The International Indian Treaty Council and Indigenous Climate Action have hosted important conversations and you register now to hear Melina Laboucan-Massimo, founder of Sacred Earth Solar and the Campaign Director at Indigenous Climate Action speak on May 1

7. Join youth-led climate movements online

Greta Thunberg and the youth-led climate strike movement have taken to the internet—temporarily. Fridays for Future is hosting online webinars and conversations to share climate stories from around the planet.

8. Find your local mutual aid group

Communities across North America have been organizing to support all community members through the COVID-19 crisis. Get involved, meet and learn from folks in your neighborhood and build bonds that will outlast this pandemic. Google ‘mutual aid group’ and your city and you’ll likely find one on Facebook!

9. Americans, fill out the 2020 census

Accurate participation in the census is vital to all sorts of decisions such as determining Members of Congress and allocating federal funds for social programs. You can do it online and it will take about ten minutes.

10. Join in Earth Day LIVE

April 22nd marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the kick off of a 72-hour (3-day) livestream of action as the next iteration of the Climate Strike. A full list of performances, workshops and interactive conversations with a global and local focus will take place. Sign up now!

Ready to make a start on some indoor activism? Contact our Customer Care team for more information.