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How to Store Naked Products

Keep nudes and high and dry

Going low waste is easy, but getting started is often the hardest part.

Maybe you’ve had your eye on some of our unpackaged products for a while, but aren’t sure how to store them between uses, pack them for a trip or even tell them apart on your bathroom counter. We’ve all been there. So we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips and tricks from staff and customers on how to keep naked products clean, dry and uncomplicated.

Tin containers are a great way to keep naked products fresh and protected.

A variety of naked products, some safely housed in an oval and circular tin, laid out on a pink background.

Step one: getting them home

If you’re committed to low or zero waste, your first step might be figuring out how to bring your armful of naked products home from the store. To start, we welcome customers bringing their own bags or containers to seal up fresh purchases.

Buying soap? You can always ask to skip the wrapping and label. And if you’ve forgotten a reusable bag or a container, we always have a range of knot-wraps on hand to tie your treasures together.

Step two: telling them apart

Now they’re home, but how do you tell your shampoo bars apart from your facial oils? We have a few recommendations:

The first is that you keep a quick record in your phone while in the store. Try a simple note-taking app where you can write things like “purple circle = Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar” or “pink cylinder = Illipe Of Faith Sugar Cleanser Roll ”. And if you forget in the moment, no worries—once you’re home, you can always check our site or app to match up each product with its name and use.

When you have them all straight, you can arrange them in your bathroom in a number of creative, zero-waste ways. We know fans who love putting bath bombs in big vases or even pickle jars, or arranging their naked skincare on a tray in the order that they use it—from cleanser to moisturizer.

Step three: keeping them dry

What about naked products that need to be used in the shower? Body scrubs, shampoo bars, bar soap and shower bombs can lose their luster if left in a damp, hot shower after you’re done—especially if these products have no way to drain and dry out between uses.

Our shampoo tins are a great choice for travel but leaving your wet bar in a sealed container on a day-to-day basis can make it mushy over time. Instead, we suggest draining shower caddies that can be taken in and out of the shower. These let all your naked products dry out before you hop back in.

Step four: taking them on a trip

This is where our tins really shine. Our reusable round, oval and square containers are a great way to keep your naked products sealed and safe—and since they’re solid, you never have to worry about a shampoo explosion in your luggage.

Then, when you get to the hotel, campsite or anywhere else, observe the tips above for keeping them solid on your trip. If you’re camping or at the beach and don’t have anywhere convenient to let your products dry out, an extra towel can be a good way to soak up excess moisture in a flash. Then just put them back in a box, tin or other travel-ready container and you’re on your way.

Now you’re all ready to go naked! Looking for more ways to cut down on everyday plastic consumption in your care routine? Visit your local Lush shop.

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