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Ingredients in Bloom

Gorgeous bouquets for the bath

From bath bombs and body washes to our pre-wrapped gifts sets, you’ll find flowers in almost everything we create.

Not just any flowers, mind you. We’re talking about picking up a few goodies for the bath and body that are packed with the goodness of flowers. Grab a bouquet of these delights and they’ll last even longer than a typical fresh-cut bunch.

Ylang ylang

With a sweet yet floral scent, ylang ylang is a tropical plant native to Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The oil is often light in color and comes from the plant’s yellow flowers—lucky for you, we’ve packed this uplifting oil into our Tender is the Night Massage Bar. It melts on contact with skin, releasing a fragrant blend of ylang ylang, vanilla and jasmine to help you work out tension and keep skin soft and moisturized.


Hailing from the iris plant, iris florentina can be found in a few of our skincare goodies. The root of the plant (orris) has a light woodsy scent when fresh but once mature, it becomes more violet-like. We use this one in our gentlest cleanser Ultrabland for its skin-soothing powers.

Rose oil's skin-soothing properties make it ideal for so many of our delights.

A carafe of rose oil sits amongst rose petals


Found in everything from beauty products to food, jasmine’s heady scent is immediately familiar and comforting. Its delicate white flowers only open at night and release their unmistakable aroma. They’re harvested early in the morning when they’re closed and ground into a fine powder which we add to products like our Goddess or Sex Bomb Bath Bombs. When these fizzers hit the water, jasmine’s sensual scent is unleashed filling your bathroom with its heady yet delicate aroma.


Known for its soothing properties on your mind, body and spirit, it’s no wonder lavender is in so many of our favorite creations. It’s heavily used in aromatherapy because of its power to instantly relax and calm and helps irritated skin feel soothed. Sleepy Body Lotion and shower gel are packed with heaps of this calming perennial herb and have instantly become customer faves who needed a new nighttime routine. You’ll also find it in our Lavender Vida Loca Bar Soap, so you can lather up to wind down.


This is one ingredient we use so much of, it’s got its own article. From oils and absolutes to the soft petals that grace each flower, roses have been around for centuries. Its scent is instantly recognizable and it offers a soothing, delicate touch in products known for comforting troubled skin like Dream Cream, Rosy Cheeks and Eau Roma Water.