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Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

Since its launch, Lush’s Kitchen Subscription Box has been a must-have monthly delivery for Lushies everywhere.

Last year—after much anticipation—it was our absolute pleasure to introduce this beloved UK subscription box to North America. We were delighted to finally be able to deliver this exclusive experience directly to your doorstep, and from your side of the pond.

Why make a monthly subscription box?

At Lush, we believe in community. As such, we loved the idea of bringing our Lushies together and giving them exclusive access and connection to our process and products; from choosing which products they want to receive to watching how everything is made. The Lush Kitchen Subscription Box was created to bring together this wonderful community that we’re so proud to be part of.

As Jack Constantine, Lush Chief Digital Officer said:

“We love building strong relationships and conversations with the Lush community online and the Lush Kitchen Box is the perfect way to do that. It’s so exciting to be on the pulse of the community, reacting to their feedback and coming up with twists on old classics or new ideas that Lush can produce and customers love.”

Why is it called Lush Kitchen?

When Lush Kitchen originally launched in the UK in 2014, it had an accompanying live mini kitchen show where viewers could watch products being made in real time! Although we retired the show, all our products are still handmade with the freshest ingredients and the finest essential oils in our manufacturing facilities (aka., our kitchen).

Fresh from the kitchen and always made to order.

On a gleaming steel table two hands cut fresh wheatgrass while recently sliced papaya halves lie on a red cutting board.” height=

What’s a Lush Kitchen Subscription Box?

Glad you asked! Our Kitchen Subscription Boxes are monthly subscription boxes packed with limited-edition gems you won’t find anywhere else. That’s right, these one-of-a-kind products are not available in our stores or online, making them the ultimate collector’s items. For $49.95/month plus shipping you get four to five vegan, full-sized products delivered right to your door. Oh, and did we mention that you vote for the products you want to receive as well? Every box contains community-requested products, and all products are handmade, expertly formulated and made fresh to order. You can also look forward to bonus product(s), never-before-seen content and a bit of magic along the way.

How does voting work?

Voting is easy! Once you sign up and subscribe, you’ll receive an email on the 24th of every month prompting you to vote for your favorite products. If you prefer to vote online, you can sign into your account at or, click “View/Edit” on your Subscription Box and then select “Vote Now”. When you’re ready to vote, check out our fresh new menu and vote for the goodies you want to see in your box. The top three community-voted products will win and be delivered to you. Voting runs from the 24th to the 5th of every month. Subscribers can only vote once.

Who chooses the menu?

Our dedicated and passionate Kitchen Subscription team works tirelessly to ensure that every menu is as exciting and wonderful as the last. Offering a variety of bath, shower and skincare products that wow and amaze. Our team is always keeping an ear out for what Lushies want, need and are missing most of all—at times bringing back archived favorites or introducing fans to new and innovative products. This task is no small feat and our team works countless hours making sure every menu is spectacular.

Ready to sign up and subscribe?

To embark on this unforgettable adventure simply click here and add this monthly experience to your cart. Surprise yourself every month with limited-edition products and more.

An inside look

Watch our wonderful product expert Erica Vega, along with YouTube creator and long-time Lushie Bunny Meyer, unpack October’s Kitchen Subscription Box here.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page for more or give our Customer Care team a call and they’ll be more than happy to help.