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The Magic of Witch Hazel

What is it good for?

Witch, please.

Astringent, toning and great for acne-prone skin, it’s no wonder so many folks are discovering the secret awesomeness of witch hazel. With four different species native to North America, it’s not a new ingredient either; Native Americans have used it for centuries to treat skin problems.

What is witch hazel?

Today, you’ll find witch hazel working its magic in everything from cosmetics to medicines. This prolific plant produces vivid yellow flowers in autumn along with seed pods. To turn witch hazel into a usable ingredient for products, the leaves, branches and twigs are collected, dried and then made into infusions and extracts.

To make the infusions and extracts that we use, the twigs and bark of the plant are added to hot water to make an infusion, or they’re distilled to create an extract. No matter what form this popular ingredient takes, it brings with it all the powerful cleansing and astringent properties that witch hazel is known for.

Which Lush products contain witch hazel?

Aromaco Deodorant

Looking to make the leap from traditional deodorant? A natural alternative is Aromaco. The witch hazel in this solid, packaging-free bar makes it astringent, so with just a few swipes, it protects you from stinky, odor-causing bacteria. It’s also blended with pore-tightening chamomile vinegar and patchouli oil to keep you feeling fresh naturally.

Tightening witch hazel helps keep odor at bay with Aromaco.

Applying aromaco to underarms

Vanishing Cream Facial Moisturizer

One of our lightest moisturizers, Vanishing Cream turns oily skin into a thing of the past. It features a balancing act of lavender, witch hazel and grapeseed oil to help keep acne-prone skin feeling soft and moisturized without feeling greasy. It goes on smooth and vanishes completely, so your skin won’t feel a thing.

Easily absorbed Vanishing Cream is our lightest moisturizer.

Vanishing Cream being applied to a face

Tea Totaler Naked Cleansing Balm

Cleanse and balance skin with Tea Totaler, a solid, package free balm that’s more than meets the eye. A base of illipe butter and castor oil work with your skin’s natural oil production to keep it feeling happy and healthy, while witch hazel tones to leave skin feeling fresh.

Cleanse and tone with one sweep using Tea Totaler.

Tea Totaler Naked Cleansing Balm sits in a bowl

1,000 Milihelens Jelly Face Mask

For bright, even skin tones, there’s 1,000 Millihelens. Made with carrageenan extract, all you need is a pinch of this jelly mask to apply all over your skin. Detoxifying green tea and witch hazel are mildly astringent to leave skin toned and taut, while fresh apple juice's alpha hydroxy acids gently dissolve away dryness for lifted, glowing complexions.

1,000 Milihelens keeps skin looking bright and even.

Smoothing 1,000 Milihelens onto face

Light Touch Naked Facial Oil

Light Touch is a solid bar of illipe and kokum butters blended with easily-absorbed jojoba and meadowfoam oils. It promotes clear, balanced complexions and features a touch of toning witch hazel to clarify, leaving skin moisturized but never greasy.

A light touch of witch hazel clarifies and tones with ease.

Smile and applying Light Touch to face

Love witch hazel? Visit the Lush store closest to you check these witch hazel products are best for you.