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Banner - Our Biggest Bath Bomb Launch Ever

Our Biggest Bath Bomb Launch Ever

Serving bathtime realness since 1989

Happy birthday, bath bombs!

It’s been 30 years since Lush co-founder Mo Constantine took a few simple ingredients and turned them into an invention so fabulous, it’s changed the way we bathe forever. Inspired by alka seltzer tabs, Mo’s original blend became the inspiration for all of our creations you see today!

Our biggest bath bomb launch ever

To celebrate 30 years of fun, fabulous baths, we’ve unleashed our biggest bath bomb launch ever. Brace yourselves: we’ve dropped more than 50 limited edition fizzers. Some are completely new inventions with unique experiences to discover, while some feature fan fave scents and blasts from the Lush past.

Along with our regular year-round selection of bath bombs, we now have a selection of nearly 100 fizzers.

Black Rose Bath Bomb in action.

Black Rose Bath Bomb fizzing in a bathtub

How do I choose one?

Since there are so many Lush bath bombs to choose from, you might be left wondering: how can I possibly decide?

Enter our bath bomb finder: this interactive tool lets you shop by skin benefit, mood or scent to find your perfect match. Or if you'd prefer to browse the whole collection, check it out online.   

Each one delivers an expertly-created bathtime experience bursting with benefits for your mind, body and soul. Sink into a relaxing soak before bed, an energizing one before a night out, or a creamy, calming bath to soothe skin woes. Whatever you choose, you’re in for a treat!

As always, our customer care team and the staff at your local store will also be thrilled to help you find your perfect bath bomb match.

Where can I buy them?

The entire bath bomb range (new, seasonal and year-round) are available for purchase online.

But things will look a little different in your local store. We’ve gotten ourselves into a fabulously fizzy pickle: we have more bath bombs than can possibly fit into most of our stores. So each one will feature a locally-curated selection of bombs, as chosen by the staff members you know and love!

This may mean that your standby year-round faves (Butterball or Avobath anyone?) will be taking a little vacation from your local store shelves for a while.

Wanna know if you can find a particular bath bomb at a store near you? Check local stores' stock on each bath bomb product page or follow your local store on Facebook to find out which bombs they'll have in-store that week. Watch for their weekly updates and let them know what you'd like to see next time you visit.