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Banner - Six New Limited-Edition Halloween Treats

Six New Limited-Edition Halloween Treats

Boo-tiful innovations for your Halloween rituals

Ready to creep it real this ghostly season?

Our biggest Halloween launch is here! I repeat, our biggest Halloween launch is here! From much-awaited comebacks (yep, the Lord is back) to new and fa-boo-lous innovations, these limited-edition treats are ready to fill your bath and shower with wicked fun, colors and chills.

This year, we're all about summoning the perfect Halloween evening with the help of witchfully-crafted rituals, and of course, the most unique and handmade goodies.

Our Newest Critters

Looking for an unapologetically fun night? Look no more. Starting with a very anticipated creation, Monster Octopus. This shower jelly features a blackcurrant, vanilla, and passion fruit-infused blend that makes for fruity, bubbly, wobbly washes.

Ghostie Bath Bomb is a new, fun, colorful and awesome creation. This little fizzer will surprise you with a rainbow of lemongrass-scented water that pushes Ghostie along your bath with not-so-scary, crackling sounds.

If you're a hardcore fan of all things scary, this one is for you. Inspired by Edvard Munch’s The Scream and the emo and post hardcore music genre, Screamo is our newest and scariest bubble blower. It's made with a blend of skin-softening corn starch, along with ylang ylang and almond oils to give it a sweet and juicy cherry scent (so, maybe it’s not so scary after all).

Another new face from outer space is Alien Bubble Bar. Get ready for a close encounter with fruity, citrusy, and skin-softening waters featuring brightening bergamot and litsea cubeba oils that will transport your senses (and make you believe).

If you're feeling a bit nostalgic and want a Halloween night filled with good old classics, we hear you and we love it!

It's officially pumpkin spice season and we have a new creamy soap, perfect to cozy up to. Pumpkin Spice is made with pumpkin purée, maple syrup water, and a traditional spice mix of cinnamon, clove and ginger for some #squadghouls.

After soaking up all the PS vibes, get that sour candy kick with the limited-edition Trick Or Treat Lip Scrub. This lime and sugar buffer will leave your pout soft, soothed, and protected with castor sugar and organic jojoba oil.

Monster Octopus will wobble its way into your heart.

Two hands holding Monster Octopus Shower Jelly under a stream of water on a blue background.

Our Favorite Comebacks

Halloween would not be complete without some of our beloved and much-awaited seasonal staples that come back haunting us from the past.

It’s here, it’s back and you know exactly who we are talking about. Lord Of Misrule returns to beguile you with its complex scent during the season of mischief and merrymaking. Indulge in its signature fragrance in a shower gel or the classic bath bomb —which is premiering a major makeover but keeping its infamous sweet black pepper scent.

From the depth of the night comes flying Bat Art Bath Bomb to join this year's wicked galore. Drop this bat in the water and let your sonar pick up flutters of revitalizing Sicilian lemon, green mandarin, rosemary and sage oils.

Also, ready to join and light up the night (literally) comes the all-time favorite, Ghost In The Dark Soap and our much-loved Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb to add some extra nostalgic spice to your bath.

Finally, for those who knew and loved last year’s bright-yellow shower gel, Ectoplasm is back but now in a lemony shower slime form. Surprise your senses with its bright zingy fragrance and have fun with its neon gloopy, stretchy, slime texture! How cool?!

Feeling bewitched already? Check out the whole Halloween collection here! Head to your local shop, visit our website or connect with a personal shopper. We're here to help with product recommendations, consultations and guidance with gift shopping. Call, text or chat with us!

Boo-tiful innovations for your Halloween rituals