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Banner - Own Your Dorm Showers

Own Your Dorm Showers

Fill your shower caddy and own that back to school routine

So, you’re back to school, living that dorm life and sharing a washroom with a lot more people than you expected. And sadly, you can’t leave all your shampoos, gels, scrubs and bottles in the shower anymore. It’s time to up your back to school routine.

From shampoo bars to a body butter that’ll keep you alert, fresh and ready to take on anything college life throws at ya, we’ve got all your easy-to-transport shower caddy needs covered.

Shampoo bar

Just one shampoo bar lasts for up to 80 washes—that’s the work of three bottles of liquid shampoo. And best of all, it’s totally naked, so there’s no packaging to fuss with or send to landfill. With loads of different bars for different effects, it’s easy to find one to suit your locks.

If it’s beachy waves you’re after, grab Seanik. Packed with sea salt and seaweed, you’ll have that fresh-out-of-the-ocean look long after summer has ended. Or maybe a week of styling has caused some serious build-up and your hair is feeling a little lackluster? Jumping Juniper uses fruity juniper berry oil to clarify congested scalps, while lemon and lime leave hair looking and feeling fresh and shiny.

Not sure how to use a shampoo bar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you: rub between your hands to create a lather, or rub it directly onto your hair, massage, rinse, and breathe in the fresh smell. Your luscious locks will thank us later.

Seanik Shampoo Bar in use

Person using blue shampoo bar


Tried a new back to school hair tutorial that left your locks a tangled mess? Treat them to some Happy Happy Joy Joy. No shower caddy is complete without this light conditioner that works wonders for every hair type. And yes, it works miracles on dyed hair, too. With rose water, orange blossom water and an almond milk base, your hair will be super soft with a light scent.

Shower gel

Dive into the cool waters of Dirty Springwash. When papers are due, or you’ve pulled another all nighter, this minty, tingly shower gel will keep you invigorated and ready to face another day of 9-5 lectures thanks to a hit of spearmint, menthol and thyme. Lather up and wash that college stress away.

Body butter

Stuffy lecture halls drying you out? Reach for something fresh and hydrating—like Buffy. This bestselling body butter is handmade with cocoa and shea butters, scrubby ground almonds and soothing lavender oil to exfoliate and moisturize your body in one step, no packaging required. Rub Buffy onto wet skin to soften bumpy bits, massage in the rich butters, rinse and pat dry.