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Our Packaging-free Facial Oils

Naked, solid and packed with goodness

Who says you need several skincare products when just one or two will do?

Our packaging-free facial oils pack a whole lotta good stuff into a solid bar that make it easy to swipe, wipe and hydrate skin. We know there’s more to skin that just dry, oily and combination; that’s why our expertly-formulated oils are crafted with the finest ingredients to address a whole slew of needs. Plus, there’s no packaging to fuss with.

Banana Skin

Dry skin? Pick up Banana Skin. It’s packed with creamy, fresh banana and hydrating mango butter to give skin a heaping dose of hydration. Tapioca flour keeps things feeling silky, while a blend of gentle ingredients like murumuru and organic illipe butters with a hint of vanilla keep things feeling soothed, smoothed and smelling divine.

Full Of Grace

For a gentle, everyday moisturizer, Full of Grace is a good place to start. Tropical butters, calamine powder and rose oil offer a soothing treatment for troubled or sensitive skin. Fresh portobello mushrooms are rich in antioxidants and packed with vitamins B and C to protect skin and help maintain its natural vitality and glow.

Rose jam-scented Argan is packed with ultra-moisturizing and soothing ingredients.

Argan Naked Facial Oil


Serious hydration calls for serious ingredients. Argan's rich cocoa butter, shea butter, rose oil and argan oil blend create the perfect solid oil for skin that can’t get enough moisture. Plus, it’s packed with our popular rose jam fragrance that’ll kiss skin with a touch of lemon-rose sweetness that no one can resist.

Light Touch

Just like its name says, Light Touch was made with ingredients that are light, gentle and easily absorbed by the skin. Perfect for those wanting a clear and balanced complexion, jojoba and meadowfoam oils act just like the natural oil that your skin produces to keep it feeling fresh and never greasy. Plus, the blend of clarifying witch hazel and blue spirulina act like a toner to help clear things up.

Amazon Primer

Hydrate and mattify in just a sweep with Amazon Primer. Ultra-softening cupuaçu butter, murumuru butter and andiroba oil team up for deep hydration, while arrowroot powder helps to keep skin shine-free. It tightens, tones and is the perfect first step before applying makeup to keep skin looking and feeling its best.