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Meet Translatinx Network

Celebrating pride in progress

This June, we’re sharing our soapbox with the movers and shakers of the pride movement.

Translatinx Network promotes the healthy development of trans Latinx communities in New York and beyond. We’re proud to support their work through our Charity Pot program, where 100 percent of the purchase price of Charity Pot Body Lotion is donated to grassroots organizations working for human rights, animal protection and environmental justice.

Jackie is a 47-year-old migrant from El Salvador and is speaking here about her experience with Translatinx Network. She started her transition to female at 25 years old with the help of friends, moving to New York City to pursue a better life post-transition. She came to Translatinx Network to look for information and services regarding transitional care and workforce development opportunities. In the future, she hopes she’s able to empower her community and advocate for equity within the transgender community nationwide.

Can you describe Translatinx Network’s mission and work and how you’re involved in the community

Translatinx Network helps the community feel better psychologically and with their self-esteem. I enjoy socializing with community members. I also obtained knowledge around health, Know Your Rights workshops, and has connected me to transition-related services.

How has the organization influenced you personally?

It has provided me with psychological support, an increased self-esteem, and helped me put into practice the goals I have in life. They also gave me the opportunity to make new friendships.

What types of services does Translatinx Network provide?

TN allows for community members to have quality discussions at social support groups, one-on-one counseling, legal workshops, sexual health education, and employment programming. Because of the services I feel more comfortable talking about HIV and in return educate others.

What are some recent successes that the Translatinx Network has experienced?

Recently they started the Transgender Non-conforming (TGNC) Bridge program. I was able to participate since I graduated from their first workforce development program. I graduated from the TGNC Leadership Space VII with 11 other community members. I was able to make a resume, work on my public speaking, and get my CDC Rapid HIV Testing Certification. In TGNC Bridge, I will be able to expand my learning and focus more on my advocacy efforts for the communities’ equity.

What’s the most important thing allies can do to support the community?

Allies can support us in our efforts towards community safety. They can also promote the services provided by Translatinx Network so the community can be more aware of the services available for them. The transgender community also needs allies to give them employment opportunities. Donations to not-for-profits like Translatinx Network are crucial for them to deliver unconventional services to LGBTQI immigrants like clothing and hygiene kits.