How to Use Toothy and Mouthwash Tabs

Bite, brush, swish and smile!

Be gone, bad breath! Bid farewell to unrecyclable packaging and say goodbye to boring brushing routines with toothy and mouthwash tablets.

When you’ve squeezed the last bit of toothpaste from the tube and toss it in the trash, have you ever wondered what happens next? Unfortunately, most of these plastic packages are lined with aluminum and incredibly difficult to recycle. This means they get added to the ever-growing clutter in our landfills.

Meet toothy tabs

To tackle the problem of paste waste, our intrepid product inventors created solid, self-preserving toothpaste tablets. They’re packaged in 100 percent recycled and recyclable bottles and come in unique flavors made with simple and safe cleansing ingredients like baking soda. Plus, our solid toothy tabs are also great for travel, since they’re solid and lightweight—so there’s no chance of a gooey toothpaste eruption in your bag.

Get in a lather with Boom's whitening charcoal and sweet cola flavor.

A man brushes his teeth with Boom, one of our toothy tabs.

So, how do you use toothy tabs? At first glance, they look like small, colorful mints or pills. But we don’t recommend that you swallow them whole. Pop a tab into your mouth, give it a few bites, and then get brushing! The mixture will foam up like regular toothpaste and you’ll be left with fresh breath and a sparkling smile in no time. Choose from great flavors like the lemon-lime of Limelight or the more familiartriple mint of Miles of Smiles, or pick up Boom! that’s packed with activated charcoal for scrubby, teeth-whitening goodness.

Freshen up with mouthwash tabs

Following the creation of solid toothy tabs, our inventors came up with another way to keep your mouth happy and healthy: mouthwash tabs! These diamond-shaped tablets don’t foam up as much as their toothy counterparts. So when you’re done brushing, bite down on a mouthwash tab, swish it around your mouth with water and then spit—and you’re left with a fully fresh, clean mouth.

And, like with our toothpastes, we have more than just the usual mint on hand. Fans of citrus will love Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster with refreshing lemon and warming aniseed oils, or the spicy-sweet Brave filled with zippy Brazilian orange and tingly clove bud oils. But if you’re a fan of classic cool, you can still get your mint fix with Crème de Menthe and its blend of peppermint oil, peppermint powder and chilly menthol crystals.