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Banner - Our Top 3 Skincare Creations

Our Top 3 Skincare Creations

All about that face, ‘bout that face

It’s time to bare it all for your face.

Of all the things your skincare routine can do away with, it’s packaging. You don’t need plastic, bottles or wrapping to get the kind of facial care products that help your skin look and feel its best. How do we know? Well, our top three naked creations for your face weren’t chosen by us…

They were chosen by our fans.

The bestselling naked cleanser

Sensitive skin is notoriously tricky to cleanse. Foaming cleansers might leave you dry and itchy, while anything too creamy can make skin feel suffocated. That’s why we developed Sleepy Face: an adorable little round cleanser that sweeps away dirt, oil and makeup with hydrating cocoa, shea and illipe butters. Oat milk helps to soothe, and a calming combination of lavender oil and lavender absolute add beautiful balance.

To use, you can rub it directly onto your face in soft circular motions and let the balm melt on contact. If you want a little more control, rub it between your palms, then massage your face, taking extra care with the sensitive skin around your nose, eyes and mouth. Whichever method you choose, wipe everything away gently with a damp cloth and enjoy your fresh, soft and clean skin.

The bestselling naked toner

How do you make a packaging-free toner? You turn it into a mini spa experience. Tea Tree Toner Tab is ideal for oily and troubled skin, and makes for an amazing two-in-one product.

First, fill a bowl with boiling water. Grab your toner tab, plop it in and then place your face directly over the bowl to soak up the beautiful steam. Hardcore steam enthusiasts also place a towel over their head to lock in as much of the product as possible, but this step is optional—especially if your skin doesn’t love heat.

Then, when you’ve had your fill, take the bowl of water and funnel it into a reusable spritzer bottle. Now you also have a bottled toner that hasn’t created any excess waste. Store in the fridge between uses, and make sure to discard after one week for optimal freshness.

Get a little steamy with naked toner tabs like Tea Tree.

A person puts their face over a bowl filled with a steaming Tea Tree Toner Tab

The bestselling naked moisturizer

Our bestselling naked moisturizer comes from our range of facial oils. These little solid ovals are great for a variety of skin types, but Banana Skin is our most popular because it’s one of the most universal.

Made with cupuaçu, murmuru, illipe and mango butters, along with fresh banana, it’s extremely moisturizing. Meanwhile, a little touch of tapioca powder adds silky softness while also adding a hint of matte finish to keep you from feeling oily or greasy when it’s done. You’re just left with soft, soothed and hydrated skin.