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What’s new for Christmas?

Fresh from the workshop

Christmas 2020 is here! Yes, we’re also shocked—in a blink of an eye, the holiday season is in full swing. We can't wait to share all the brand new creations that our beloved Lush elves (aka. our amazingly-talented compounders and manufacturing staff) have prepared for this season.

What’s new for holiday baths

Make sure you book yourself several me-time sessions in the tub this season because there are so many new goodies to discover.

Snow Fairy Roll Roll Bubble Bar

We can’t talk about what’s new in bath without starting with one of our most-loved fragrances for the holidays, Snow Fairy. This classic cotton candy scent is now available in frothy, festive bubbles as a new packaging-free bubble bar. Crumble this bubbler under the tap to create a layer of bubblegum-scented foam. You'll emerge feeling just like a fairy yourself, bubble wings and all.

Elfie Stick Bubble Stick

This reusable bubbler features the scent of a pear drop, the classic British sweet with one side that smells like sweet pear and the other of creamy banana. Run the tap and hold this Elfie Stick bubble maker under the flow to build a bath of sweet-scented froth made with labdanum resinoid, Sicilian lemon oil and real tapioca pearls.

Kinky Boots Bubble Bar

Take your shoes off, put your heels up and relax with this hydrating bubbler and its grounding floral perfume. This genius creation is a bubble bar and bath oil in one! Crumble the base under the tap to create a feast of bubbles featuring our bestselling Sex Bomb Bath Bomb fragrance, a gorgeous blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage. That's not all! For a silky and extra indulgent bath, pop in the boots—a bath oil made with hydrating and skin-softening cocoa butter. This kinky duo will leave your skin feeling sensationally silky.

Winter Garden Bath Bomb

This elegant fizzing arrangement features the bestselling scent of Goddess to give you the scents and sights of spring in the deep of winter. Hydrating fair trade cocoa butter leaves you feeling soft and silky while you inhale the heady fragrance of ylang ylang and bergamot. Enjoy this garden of floral delights and capture how the swirls of marigold, blue cornflowers and pink delphinium petals float across a snowy-white surface.

Toss in this sweet grapefruit-bergamot fizzer for fragrant purple waters.

A close up of I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas Bath Bomb in the tub, releasing purple foam.

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas Bath Bomb

This bathtime bud is filled with a sweet raspberry scent, a gorgeous purple fizz and sparkling plastic-free stars. Its sweet fruity scent features an uplifting blend of essential oils, including bergamot, almond and grapefruit, along with a little cold-pressed raspberry seed oil to seal the deal. Let this cute critter float to release a trail of purple fizz, along with glittering plastic-free stars and real popping candy.

Angels Delight Bath Bomb

This pink and gold fizzer will take you to the moon and back with its heavenly blend of sweet citrus scents and shimmering pink waters. Angels Delight is inspired by the dreamy berry sweetness of a cloudlike pink whipped dessert. Its fruit punch fragrance features a vegan confection of uplifting tangerine and orange oils along with plenty of plastic-free gold luster for an absolute angelic bathing experience.

Tick-Tock Bath Bomb

This cute bot comes in to wrap up our new bathing additions. Turn your tub into a technological wonder with electric bursts of popping candy and a sweet citrus scent. Tick-Tock is a radiant robot filled with sweet wild orange, neroli and cassia oils that diffuse a warm and uplifting scent while golden shimmers unfurling over orange-colored waters.

What’s new for holiday showers

There's no need to take a bath to soak in the warmth of the holidays; these showertime goodies will fulfill that seasonal desire with an everyday indulgence.

Roasting Chestnuts On An Open Fire Shower Gel

The name says it all. This treat is the perfect choice for anyone who's looking to truly unwind and lather up in winter coziness for the holidays. With relaxing chestnut purée, soothing cedarwood and skin-calming oat milk, this delicious marzipan-scented shower gel will make you feel snuggly and soft all season long.

Orange Shower Scrub

Buff away any flaky winter skin with this citrusy sea salt shower scrub. Rub in small circular motions to get your blood pumping and your skin radiant. It’s a mood-boosting scrubber made with naturally-brightening sea salt, plenty of fresh orange juice, uplifting essential oils and orange peel wax to leave you looking and feeling luscious.

Polar Bear Soap

This cute polar bear features a refreshing combination of Brazilian orange and peppermint oils to shake you awake all winter long. Its base is made with coconut oil, coconut water, coconut milk and plenty of mega-moisturizing cocoa butter, making this minty-sweet vegan sudser one of our most hydrating soaps ever made.

Snow Fairy Shampoo Bar

Dreams come true...with a little help from a fairy, of course. You can now complete your collection and enjoy Snow Fairy's sweet scent from head to toe! This cleansing, packaging-free shampoo bar is made with marshmallow root powder to help detangle and soften while leaving your hair smelling like cotton candy sweetness.

What’s new for body?

Yog Nog Body Milk

Another new addition to a beloved scent collection is this light, hydrating body milk that's thinner than our traditional potted lotions and smells just like a Christmas dessert. Nourishing almond oil and spicy clove bud with touches of ylang ylang oil and gardenia extract make the perfect moisturizing formula that's stimulating and soothing with a floral finish.

What’s new for makeup?

We might be restricted from large gatherings this Christmas, but that doesn't mean we can't serve some face, right? Even if it's just for a video call. These new makeup essentials feature innovations to help you cut down on single-use packaging for cosmetics.

Snow Fairy Glow Stick

This skin-nourishing highlighter is made with coconut oil and rose wax to moisturize and soothe skin. Plus, as the name implies, it features our bestselling Snow Fairy scent and a radiant plastic-free glitter shine. It also comes dipped in peelable vegan wax to make application easy without the need for plastic packaging. Glow on and fly away with this shimmering magic wand.

Our vibrant lipstick refills are made with a rich base of organic castor and jojoba oils, along withcandelilla wax, to hydrate and protect your lips. We dipped them in wax to keep them sanitary and safe and you can easily peel it off and slot the lipsticks into our vintage-inspired lipstick case—a smart, low-waste and lovely way to store and bring them everywhere.

For cherry lips that shimmer and shine just like a pair of gorgeous slippers, go with Ruby. This vibrant rouge shade features a beautiful candy apple fragrance made with bergamot, geranium and kalahari melon oils.

If you are looking for a richer, deeper color, Midnight will be your date for the night. This gorgeous shade of plummy purple features a blackcurrant absolute scent and protective sunflower wax. Plus, you can dab it on your cheeks for a natural-looking blush.

But if you live for warm-toned hues, you'll feel fortunate that you stumbled on Treasured. This warm, neutral golden lip color is filled with hydrating oils and a sweet syrupy scent, perfect for the holiday season.

Lastly, but most definitely not least, striving for an eco-friendly Holiday gifting is easier than you think! And no, it doesn't mean we have to miss out on those gorgeously-wrapped Christmas Gifts, with colorful paper and sparkly string. Here's a peep at our lineup of low-waste alternatives to single-use gift wraps, boxes, strings and more to make your holidays merry, bright and eco-friendly.

Want more information about this year's holiday range, or some help choosing the perfect gift? Contact our Customer Care team for more details.

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Lipstick Refill
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