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Why We Are Marching

We believe it's time for action

On September 27th we are closing our shops to march in the youth-led Global Climate Strikes drawing attention to the state of the planet.

For a year, Greta Thunberg and youth around the globe have been striking from schools to demand bold action from global leaders and have now invited us to join. We are so inspired by their actions, echo their demands and believe that we need to respond to the climate crisis like the emergency it is.

We stand with Greta and everyone we owe a future to. We are disrupting our ‘business as usual’ for one day, joining millions on the streets and asking you to join us. For more information check out

“As a business with deep roots in environmental activism, giving our thousands of staff the time to get out there and demand bold action is a no brainer. We all share this planet, so we need to band together to sound the alarm and show our politicians that ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option. The climate crisis won’t wait, and neither will we.”

Mark Wolverton, President and CEO of Lush Cosmetics North America

We’ll see you on the streets.