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The 5-minute Skincare Routine

No time? No problem!

When it comes to skincare, finding a routine that works for your schedule and your skin is key, because taking care of your skin doesn’t need to be a full-time job.

Whether you have 5 minutes, 10 minutes or more, there’s a routine for your skin and lifestyle. Of course, everyone’s skin and preferences are different, so book a virtual consultation to learn more about how to create the perfect routine for you. Then, start here…

The 5-minute routine

Pressed for time? Five minutes and two steps are all you need to get fresh-faced!

1. Cleanse

A quick wash at the end of the day with a facial cleanser works wonders. It removes the day’s dirt and oil, allowing the skin to breathe. To get even more out of your cleanser, consider one that gently exfoliates while you wash, like our bestselling Angels on Bare Skin Face And Body Cleanser. Not sure which cleanser is best for you? Check out our How to Choose Your Facial Cleanser to choosing the perfect one.

2. Moisturize

A dab of moisturizer post-wash will protect skin and keep it soft and supple. Imperialis Moisturizer is a fabulous starting point — it’s crafted to work with most skin types and is blended with lavender infusion to balance oil production and orange blossom water to brighten. Find your moisturizer match using How to Choose Your Moisturizer.

Voila! Just a quick wash and a dab of moisturizer is sometimes all it takes to get your glow on. Tip: to save even more time, use your facial cleanser in your shower.

Ultrabland is a gentle cleanser that removes the day’s makeup and dirt.

A closeup of a person’s face as they rub cleanser onto their cheek.

The 10-minute routine

If you’ve got 10 minutes to dedicate to your skincare routine, we recommend adding a couple of steps to really bring out your skin’s best.

1. Remove makeup

If you wear makeup, step one is removing it. Ultrabland or its vegan counterpart Ultraplant make makeup removal a breeze, and these gentle wonders won’t sting or irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes.

2. Cleanse

Just like in the 5-minute routine, you’ll want to choose the best cleanser for your skin, then get to it!

3. Tone

Our gentle, alcohol-free toners leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed. There are a few ways to use your toner: spritz it on, then remove it using a cotton pad. Do you need toner? Well, doing this helps to cleanse deep and remove any trace of cleanser left on the skin. Alternatively, you can mist your toner over your face before moisturizing, which allows your skin to act like a sponge, soaking up all the butters and oils of the moisturizer quickly and deeply.

4. Moisturize

How to Choose Your Moisturizer for your skin, then apply a dab and smooth over your face and neck. If you’ve misted with a toner, use your moisturizer sparingly—it’ll spread and absorb easily. Bonus: your container of moisturizer will last even longer!

The full facial

On the odd occasion when time is no object, treat yourself to a How to Do an At-home Facial. Six luxurious steps including a Face and Full of Grace massage will have your skin glowing and your relaxation at an all-time high.

Not sure where to start? There are plenty of ways to get in touch with our team of experts: live chat, call, text, or book an online consultation. Whatever you choose, our Customer Care team is ready to help you find the routine and products that are best for your skin.