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Banner - 8 Things You Didn’t Know about Shower Jellies

8 Things You Didn’t Know about Shower Jellies

Getting to know our jiggly jellies

Of all our products, shower jellies just might be the most unique. You just can’t help but smile once you feel that wobbly texture in your hands! Get to know these cult faves better with some fun facts.

1. 10-year celebration: Shower jellies were originally launched in 2005 to showcase Lush innovation for our tenth anniversary.

2. Back in the day: Before they found their way into pre-packaged clear pots, jellies were sold in bulk, just like our soaps. We’d display huge slabs of jellies and cut custom-sized slices for customers to buy.

Lathering up with Whoosh Shower Jelly

3. Veggie jiggle: Lots of people assume that our jellies get their wobble from gelatin, but our (not-so) secret ingredient is carrageenan, which comes from seaweed. It’s full of minerals, so your skin will be extra soft after you’ve washed up.

4. Made in Canada: Here in North America, shower jellies are made fresh by hand in our Vancouver and Toronto factories. Watch us whip up a fresh batch of Whoosh! 

5. Honey close to home: The moisturizing honey that we use in Whoosh comes from Bee Natural Apiaries, a local ethical supplier of raw, un-pasteurized honey.

6. Viral sensation: In the summer of 2016, shower jellies went viral on social media, bringing these wobbly wonders to a huge new audience.

Check out that awesome jiggle

7. You’re hot then you’re cold: Chilling your jelly in the fridge or freezer before taking it into the shower makes for a uniquely refreshing experience!

8. Recycled packaging: Our shower jellies come in 100% post-consumer plastic pots. We’ve even partnered with Ocean Legacy Foundation to incorporate recovered ocean plastic into our packaging!