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A Guide to Fragrance

From eau de parfum to cologne

Choosing a fragrance can be challenging enough without having to contend with the difference between eau de ‘this’ and eau de ‘that’, so let’s break it down.

Put simply, a fragrance is named depending on the concentration of aromatic oil in water or alcohol. A very low concentration of oil will result in a lighter fragrance, and a heavier concentration will result in a stronger and longer-lasting fragrance.

Eau de parfum

Containing a high concentration of essential oils, the rest of an eau de parfum usually consists of alcohol and/or water. Our perfumes use a blend of ethanol, water and glycerin, which is kind to the skin while also imparting a long-lasting fragrance. Due to their high concentration of essential oils, eau de parfum tends to be more expensive, however they’re often the longest lasting.

Perfumes cling to the skin, clothes and hair due to their powerful base notes. If you’re looking for longevity then just a splash will surround you in exquisite fragrance all day long.

Eau de cologne

Eau de cologne has the lowest concentration of oil. Its soft and subtle nature means it releases a gentle fragrance for a shorter period of time. Its low content of essential and other aromatic oils means it tends to be the most delicate and often has the lowest price tag out of the fragrances, ideal for those who favor milder scents.

Body Sprays

With the lowest perfume content, body sprays are perfect for when you want an energizing burst of fragrance to refresh your body and mind. In hot weather, these cheerful sprays can lighten your mood and help to cool you down.

Solid Perfume

These practical fragrances are made of a solid organic jojoba and castor oil base, meaning they’re excellent for traveling or popping in your bag when you’re on the go. When applied to the pulse points, solid perfumes will release their beautiful aroma throughout the day.

Wash Cards

Made from fresh apple pulp, these soap paper cards are an alternative to perfuming your skin with a liquid fragrance. Infused with essential oils and absolutes, they’ll lather up in the shower or bath, filling your bathroom with aromatic steam and covering you head to toe in your chosen scent. These lightweight shower soaps are also packaging free and great for life on the go!