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How roses care for your skin and hair

Fall in love with their beautiful benefits

We love using rose in our products, and we’re one of the largest users of pure rose oil and rose absolute in the world.

Since 2005, we’ve been buying these materials directly from the producers in Senir, Turkey. They work with over 3,000 local farmers, distilling world-class oil and absolute from the petals of the native Damask roses. The first rose oil was made by Persians and ever since then, it has been a renowned Turkish product.

Picked at dawn by local villagers and Roma families, this rose oil is the best we can get. Rose pickers are up before sunrise if they want the best yield, as the oil that lends the rose its distinctive smell starts to evaporate when the sun comes up. Rose oil is a valuable ingredient, and to make one pound of it, you need more than a million roses. The premium we pay on every pound of oil goes towards the running of (and the initial building of) a local primary school in Senir.

The oil and absolute smell quite distinct from one another. As Agnès from our Buying team observes, the rose oil is “very sweet with a honey tinge to it”, whereas the absolute “…is more like the roses in the field…it has a green note to it and retains the fullness of the character of the rose.” Both the absolute and the oil carry the characteristic floral fragrance of the rose, and we use them both in many of our products and perfumes.

The olive green-colored oil is extracted from the petals of the flower via a process of steam distillation, and is thought to have been the first floral essential oil that was distilled. Rose absolute is also made from the flower petals but through a process of solvent extraction. Ours comes from the Damask rose, although other species of rose can be used to produce the oil and the absolute.

The soothing elixir of rose water and rose absolute in Brush Strokes Fresh Face Mask can help calm redness.

A person applying Brush Strokes Fresh Face Mask to their face.

Benefits to the skin, hair and mind


Rose oil has long been used for its cosmetic benefit; its effect on the skin helps soothe and calm, reducing redness and irritation. It has long been thought of as a tonic, and is used to treat blemishes and nourish the skin.


While great for all skin types, roses are especially beneficial for dry skin. The rich molecular composition of rose oil and its unique combination of antioxidants like citronellol and geraniol helps clear skin by pulling toxins out of its outer layers— moisturizing on a deeper level. Rose-infused formulas in skincare are not only a great way to moisturize the skin, but they also help protect it from moisture loss by keeping the moisture barrier strong.


Roses work wonders in the hair as well. They infuse the scalp with nutrients like vitamins A, B3, C and E and help with excess oil production by soothing and rehydrating your roots—bringing them back to balance.


In aromatherapy, roses are known for their uplifting qualities. Rose essential oil is very popular for helping to relieve stress, relaxing the body and easing the mind. The scent of rose has long been a symbol of love and romantic connection and is even said to have an aphrodisiac effect.

Indulge in the benefits

Brush Strokes Fresh Face Mask is a luxurious mask to nourish, hydrate and leave skin feeling silky soft. It features a soothing elixir of rose water and rose absolute that helps to calm redness while coconut blossom nectar rejuvenates.

But if you’re looking to treat your mane to the amazing benefits of rose, you have to try Angel Hair Shampoo Bar. This naked haircare product features a skin-soothing base of rose water and a touch of toning witch hazel extract to keep your hair and scalp happy and healthy.

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Fall in love with their beautiful benefits