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All About Body Sprays

A spritz of refreshment

First things first: what is a body spray, anyway?

Packed with essential oils, body-sprays are light perfumes that can be spritzed directly onto clothing or your skin for a burst of irresistible scent. Each one is beautifully blended with glycerine—a hydrating, vegetable-based ingredient that helps lock moisture and fragrance, so you’re left with a delicate scent and softness all over.

Each of our body sprays come in a 100 percent recycled plastic bottle that delivers a wide-spraying, delicate mist. You won’t find any “body sprays for him” or “body sprays for her”, either (or on any of our products for that matter). Find the fragrance that suits you and spray away.

How to choose your body spray

Now comes the hard part—how do you choose which body spray is the one for you? Do you like your scents sweet and floral? Calming and cozy? Sunny and citrusy or fresh and herbal? Each of our sprays has a unique personality.

For those with a sweet tooth

If you love the sweeter things in life, then we have plenty of options to sugar-coat your world. Honey I Washed The Kids has been a longtime fan fave scent—from the soap of the same name to its many other incarnations as a bath bomb, shower gel and shampoo bar. And it’s easy to see why, once you mist on its delectable toffee scent. For something just as mouth-wateringly good, try Let The Good Times Roll, inspired by the bestselling facial cleanser and filled with the popping scent of caramel corn. Rounding out our confectionary creations is Yuzu and Cocoa with its soft and sweet orange-chocolate aroma.

If you’re after something uncompromisingly sugary, however, we can heartily recommend Pink. It smells like a comforting candy treat with elements of soothing lavender and calming vanilla to lull you into sweet satisfaction. And The Comforter has been serving the best blackcurrant-scented baths for ages, so why not take its sense of sweet relaxation with you wherever you go?

For those who love a fresh bouquet

Body sprays let you wear florals in a softer, subtler way. Like Sakura, with a gentle, calming cherry blossom fragrance that’s perfect to perk up your room whenever you’re feeling less than cheery. Or Roller, a warm geranium-based fragrance with soothing elements of tonka and Brazilian orange oil. And then there’s Big: a soft blend of delicate orange flower and sweet vanilla.

Prefer flowers with a little more oomph? Classic scents like the jasmine-packed Sex Bomb are here to rock your world and your gym clothes. And you can keep the jasmine party going with the intriguing Flying Fox and its clean, green cypress and palmarosa notes.

The cheery cherry blossom scent of Sakura is one of our many new floral delights.

A person spritzes Sakura Body Spray onto their collarbone.

For those who long for the great outdoors

From fresh and green to earthy and herbal, these scents are perfect for anyone who wants the feeling of being lost in the woods even when they’re in the midst of the city. Guardian of The Forest does just that, with elements of cypress, rosewood and oakmoss to get you back in touch with nature. And Jungle lets you get a little more wild, with a woodsy-floral combination of calming cedarwood, sharp vetivert and heady ylang ylang for a more tropical vibe.

Want something a little more funky? Tramp is a classic 60s patchouli scent with soothing elements of oakmoss to make it feel a little more modern. And Groovy Kind of Love is its more floral counterpart, with ylang ylang, rosewood and bergamot for a lighter and brighter feel.

Finally, get zen with our spiciest herbal offerings: Turmeric Latte with lashings of turmeric, gardenia, tonka and vanilla; and Yoga Bomb with a grounding floral-sandalwood scent that’ll leave you feeling perfectly at peace.

For those who live for juicy freshness

Post-gym, post-shower and post-work, there’s nothing that perks you up like the smell of fresh, sunny citrus and other juicy fruits. Coco Loco is a warm, homey blend of Brazilian orange oil, coriander and lemongrass to liven up your daily routine, whereas Calacas is a bright and zesty blend of lime and neroli oils to get you back on your feet. If you like something with a little more juice, Avocado Co-Wash is a refreshing combination of cheerful litsea cubeba and bergamot that smells crisp, green and just a little woodsy.

Rounding out our greengrocer’s finest are two extra fruity scents with a dose of sweetness. Plum Rain smells of rich, radiant plums and just a touch of light Sicilian mandarin oil—perfect for spritzing on your bed linens for sweetly-scented dreams. And, finally, So White's crisp apple-scented aroma will make you feel fairy tale fresh from sunrise to sunset.

How to use a body spray

Apply directly the skin or clothing (we’ve even heard of some Lushies using them on their bedsheets). Body sprays aren’t as potent as a traditional perfume, so spritz sparingly for a subtle fragrance or spray all over for a fuller effect. Pop one into your gym bag or purse to smell fab wherever you go.

Want to get up close and personal with our body sprays? Visit your local shop or give our customer care team a call at 1-888-733-5874.