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Celebrating Collaboration

Our fabulous Gift Design team love the burst of artistic energy, community and creativity that comes from collaborations. One of those closest to our hearts is ARTHOUSE Unlimited, a charity we've enjoyed working with for over seven years.

A charity with artistic talent

We first met them at a trade show in London, instantly hit it off and have been working with them ever since. ARTHOUSE Unlimited is a charity presenting the artistic talents of adults living with complex neurodiverse and physical support needs. The artists work alongside instructors to create artwork which is developed into designer products for sale. All artwork derives from each artist's skills and every contribution holds real value, offering a sense of purpose.

We love working with ARTHOUSE Unlimited because 100 percent of their revenue goes into sustaining the project and helping it grow, so their work can continue to help people living with disabilities feel included and appreciated.

Holiday gift designs

This year we're once again delighted to have ARTHOUSE Unlimited designs adorn gifts on shelves in our shops around the world and online.

Three ARTHOUSE Unlimited artists show off their artwork for the Lush Advent Calendar Gift.

Two artists sit at a table while one stands, holding an abstract painted canvas.

The vibrant pattern on the limited-edition Lush Advent Calendar Gift was designed by ARTHOUSE Unlimited artists Dom, Nikki and Chris. Inside the reusable box you'll find 25 products specially selected to bring you joy leading up to the big day. Becky Sheraidah, Creative Director at ARTHOUSE Unlimited says:

“What's really incredible about this calendar is that the artists who are included in this project are people who are quite often not recognized for their skill. So this is really special that they feel absolutely incredible that their artwork has been used in this way; they're really proud.”

Cheers, Love, Smile, Be Happy Gift Simon Hammond is one of the artists who can be proud of his work on designs for two of our holiday gifts. contains five uplifting citrusy and spicy products that match the joyous vibe of the wrapping. Love Makes It Better Gift is a reusable lunchbox tin with a colorful design, a hopeful message, and five seriously sweet treats to bring happiness to its recipient.

ARTHOUSE Unlimited artist Laura Tregallas designed the cozy winter scene with Santa flying over cottages on the front of The Art Of Christmas Bathing Gift, then Rachel from our Gift Design team colored it in. Inside you'll find a whopping seventeen festive favorites for bathtime. Laura says, “Christmas makes me happy and excited. I love opening lots of presents ... and giving them too!"

Baubles Knot-wrap Knot-wrapps are a perfect way to showcase artistic talent, and we have a beautiful design for the holidays from artists at ARTHOUSE Unlimited. , which, as artist Louise Palmer says, is “just baubles and a trumpet!”, was designed by herself alongside Sarah Harbott, Molly Parks, Amy Sherratt, Phillipa Morrison, Marjorie Doherty and Kiri Mompalao. Made to look like a Christmas tree with decorations hanging on it, this organic cotton knot-wrap holds up to four Lush bath bombs.

Get an inside look at ARTHOUSE Unlimited

Take a peek inside the ARTHOUSE Unlimited studio by watching this short video narrated by their Creative Director, Becky Sheraidah. Find out more about the purpose of the studio, the collaborations with Lush, and watch some of the artists as they work their magic! And don't forget to check out our entire Christmas collection to find all these gifts and more. As ARTHOUSE Unlimited artist Simon Hammond puts it, “Christmas is lovely”–and we agree!

ARTHOUSE Unlimited