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Meet ARTHOUSE Unlimited

When we give a gift, there’s a world of opportunity to do good at the same time. And when gifts do good, they feel good too!

We’re always working to create gifts that won’t just dazzle your recipient, but will benefit communities, environments and animals all over the world. For the holiday season in 2018, we partnered with our longtime friends ARTHOUSE Unlimited to design our limited-edition knot-wrap, Christmas Critters.

Art has no limits

ARTHOUSE Unlimited is an organization that presents the artistic talents of adults living with severe epilepsy, learning or physical disabilities. The organization’s focus is on social inclusion and the philosophy that everyone can contribute.

Founder Becky Sheraidah explains, “We need to make sure we are creating a design that every artist can contribute to. Something every artist can engage with and bring their own character and personality to. We look for ideas that inspire everyone, and also encompass every person’s abilities and skills.” The topics that inspire the artists most are environmental and animal conservation with tigers, gorillas, sharks and bees among the most popular designs.

There are 94 artists who work alongside professional instructors to create the finished designs. “All of the artists have different levels of physical and emotional support needs. But no matter the challenge each artist faces, every mark made, brush stroke painted and line drawn is of immense value. It’s a collaborative effort and every contribution is of value,” Becky says.

Louise and George hold up final designs for the Christmas Critters Knot-wrap.

Louise and George from ARTHOUSE Unlimited

Once all the artists have decided the artwork is finished, the design is scanned and digitally arranged onto products for sale, like clothing, jewellery and greeting cards, all while ensuring the integrity of the original work is kept intact.

More than creating pieces of unique design, ARTHOUSE Unlimited is dedicated to changing the perception of disability. Becky explains, “It’s all about social inclusion. More often than not, people living with disabilities are on the periphery of society. Not included, engaged or involved in the world, and their skills are not recognized. When people feel valuable and purposeful their health improves and they have a better life. We want to encourage other people to include and change their perceptions of people living with disabilities.”

100 percent of ARTHOUSE Unlimited’s revenue goes into sustaining the project and helping it grow, so their fantastic work can continue to help people living with disabilities feel included and appreciated.

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