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Banner - Meet Our Bath Oil Box

Meet Our Bath Oil Box

Made from 100% recycled coffee cup fiber

Our solid bath oils may look like fancy truffles, but they’re not for snacking—they’re here to turn your tub into a silky, fragrant oasis!

Each one is packed with decadent butters like fair trade organic cocoa butter, enchanting essential oils and dreamy colors to leave your mood brighter and skin softer.

Because these blissfully buttery treats are so creamy and decadent, they can also be a little fragile when carried in our classic paper bags. We’re excited to announce our innovative protective box that’ll keep your bath oils safe until you’re ready to use them in the tub. These unique boxes hold up to four bath oils of your choosing, and can be bundled in a knot-wrap to create a beautiful and totally customizable gift.

The best part? The box is totally biodegradable, can be recycled with your household paper and is made from recycled coffee cups! Takeout cups are notoriously hard to recycle because they’re made from a combination of plastic and paper. But we’ve partnered with a UK company, James Cropper 3D Products, to help us create this functional packaging that also keeps waste out of the landfill.

From design to manufacturing, we collaborated with James Cropper 3D Products to meet aesthetic requirements while overcoming potential challenges, such as the ability of the box to withstand the moisture of our bath oils. We’re thrilled for you to choose your fave bath oils and fill one of these inventive boxes!

These boxes are only available in-store, so pop by your local shop to see them in person.