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Talking Scents: Uplifting Ingredients

Can scents really affect our mood?

When it comes to how a smell makes you feel, it’s all in your head.

No, really! The part of your brain that’s responsible for your sense of smell (the limbic region) is also where you process emotions. Aromatherapy (the art and science of smell) works first by stimulating scent receptors in the nose. These receptors send messages via the nervous system to the brain, which end up stimulating not just scent memory, but also emotional memory.

We’ve all experienced that moment where we get a whiff of an uplifting scent and suddenly our moods are brighter, outlooks sunnier and we have more energy. When we create new products, we study which ingredients will work well together—and because we all have different experiences and memories, these combos will affect us in unique ways. An uplifting scent means something a little different to everyone. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites, but it’s up to you to sniff out the one you like best!


When you need a little something to get you going, your first thought may be to reach for coffee. But have you considered how the scent of summery citrus fruits could deliver the same energizing blast? Virtually every member of the citrus family, from lemons and limes to bergamot and grapefruit supply a fresh, invigorating experience.

Our desire to capture a little bit of summer sunshine explains why so many of our year-round products are loaded with bright, tangy fruits: Avobath Bath Bomb is a longtime fan favorite filled with invigorating lemongrass and bergamot oils. Sexy Peel is another perennial bestseller that’s chock-full of the toning and cleansing powers of lemon, lime and orange juice. Temple Of The Sky Bath Bomb is full of sweet wild orange and Sicilian lemon oils that swirl into turquoise waters to transport you to a tropical destination. And if you’re looking for a ray of sunshine, crumble Sunnyside Bubble Bar under your running tap for bubble bath full of orange, tangerine and lemon oils.

Crumble Sunnyside Bubble Bar under warm running water for an uplifting bath.

A picture of Sunnyside Bubble Bar being held under running water.


Imagine the energizing feeling of a brisk walk in the woods, breathing in the fresh air from giant redwoods, or strolling through a crisp pine forest. That sense of clarity and energy is the effect that woodsy, earthy fragrances like sandalwood, rosemary, cedarwood and pine can have on your mood. By tapping into a fresh and earthy mentality, you’re free to let go of stress and focus on enjoying the beauty around you.

Turtle Jelly Bomb uses a cypress-sandalwood-pine soak that uplifts and softens. Meanwhile, for those seeking a rugged fragrance to wear all day, Smugglers Soul (also available as a solid) is a bestselling perfume featuring earthy doses of rosewood, sandalwood and vetivert oils, tempered by a sharp citrus undercurrent of lemongrass. Perfect for anyone who feels at peace in the heart of the forest.


There’s a good reason why mint is one of the most popular flavors for toothpaste and chewing gum: because of the refreshing, uplifting blast it delivers! If you love the fresh feeling of peppermint, cinnamon or tea tree, it’s easy to liven up your mood the herbal way.

Our swirling blue bar soap Outback Mate is a good way to get that ultimate fresh and clean feeling in the shower with its blend of tingly eucalyptus and peppermint oils along with plenty of hydrating coconut oil. If you want a tougher scrub, opt instead for Magic Crystals—our purple, pepperminty pick-me-up that lets you scrub up with fine sea salt to buff away any dry bits while fresh elements of mint, rosemary and sage leave you feeling brand new.


Whether you find lemon, mint, pine (or something else entirely!) uplifting, one of our fragrant inventions is sure to bring a sparkle to you eye and a spring to your step. Visit your local shop to sniff around, have a browse online, or contact our Customer Care team for a personalized product consultation