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We're Bringing Nature Back

Re-creating our wild and wonderful world

In January 2017, Rob Stewart lost his life while scuba diving off the Florida Keys. He was just 37.

During his life, Rob Stewart brought awareness to ocean conservation, and partnered with us on a few occasions to share his stories. To support his ongoing work and films Sharkwater and Revolution, we created the limited edition Shark Fin Soap. Today, we continue to support the work of the Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation, as well as other groups working to bring awareness to ocean wildlife and the health of our waterways. With every purchase of our Shark Fin Soap and Charity Pot Body Lotion we’ll donate 100 percent of the proceeds to these groups.

In 2015, Rob shared with us his vision behind the film Revolution. How do we bring nature back to its former glory? How do we work together to "re-wild" our Earth and keep it thriving for generations to come?

Just a moment ago in evolutionary time, this planet was paradise: life of all kinds flourished in every valley and on every mountain, evolving in harmony with changes to the environment. However, humans have altered life on Earth so dramatically—and so quickly—that our very survival is in jeopardy.

Unless we take a radically different course of action as a species, we are destined to create a world with no fisheries, no coral reefs, no rainforests, declining oxygen concentrations, and billions of hungry, thirsty people fighting over what remains.

The studies about the damage we’ve done paint a clear and dismal picture of the future: 90% of the big fish—including sharks—are already gone, 75 percent of the forests are gone, the oceans are 30 percent more acidic, and phytoplankton (tiny ocean plants that produce at least half of our oxygen) are in rapid decline. In a relatively short period of time, we’ve consumed most of our life support system and show few signs of stopping.

Why would we willfully destroy our one and only planet? I believe the problem is a lack of understanding. We continue to engage in destructive behaviors, buy unsustainable products, and support damaging political agendas and corporations because the effects are often so far removed from our daily lives. Seafood buffets don’t serve up a warning that for every pound of shrimp that reaches your table, almost ten pounds of wildlife was killed and wasted. We don’t see the severity of our situation nor understand the power we have as individuals.

Ignorance is the real crisis. Without an understanding of what we are doing to our planet, we can’t imagine why or how to change our actions. I believe we can fix this crisis with education, imagination and a change in strategy. The environmental movement thus far has fought against our problems, but what if we imagined a world worth fighting for? What if we changed not only our actions, but our thoughts?

What if we brought nature back to its former, wild glory? What if the rivers, lakes and oceans were restored and full of life? What if we reforested the land, acquired food locally and captured carbon from the atmosphere by fostering thriving, diverse ecosystems? Could we rise above our singular battles and chart a pathway towards something incredible—the wild world we need?

To encourage humanity to fight for a beautiful, healthy world, we have a new idea called Wildify—to bring nature back; to re-wild the planet. We want to encourage collaboration and vision, and support inventions and science that can make this world wild again. I can see rivers and lakes full of fish, and thriving ecosystems covering the land in a way that we haven’t seen in generations.

If it sounds simple, that’s because it can be. If we can take responsibility for the state of our planet, we can find the power to create the wild and wonderful world we need. My hope lies in both our humanity and my belief that our emotions can guide us to a better path. Once we fully understand our impact on our one and only Earth, we’ll feel bad about engaging in activities that are destructive, and feel good about supporting ecosystems and the future.

To tell the story of this movement, I set out on a journey that spanned 4 years and 15 countries to make the film Revolution. The film is a message of hope that we can create a better world for ourselves and all other species. But first, we need to understand and accept that humans are the single biggest threat that life on earth has ever seen.

The end to this crisis starts with awareness. Watch Revolution and understand we all have an opportunity to live a life of profound meaning. Get involved in a local conservation group. Look for ways to support local, sustainable industry. Watch where you spend your money. And most importantly, consider what kind of world you want to fight for. This is our challenge, and I believe we will succeed by working together.

We’re on the brink of realizing and creating something incredible. With millions of conservation groups and billions of people connected through technology, I believe we can fight for a world we can all be proud to call home for generations to come.