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But Is It Art?

Over 20 million bath bombs sold last year, but is it art?

Lush global brand director and inventor, Jack Constantine shares his thoughts about Lush's process of creativity and turning every new product into a collaborative art project.

The process of creativity takes many forms through many media and by choice you select what feels the best way to express yourself. People struggle with expression. Some write songs to express their feelings because they can’t simply say it. Others portray their perspective on society through shocking artistic endeavor. We all express ourselves in some way. It’s human nature. Art catches a moment in time observing a component of culture, society and behavior and displays it.

Paint a bath-terpiece on the water with The Experimenter

The Experimenter Bath Bomb on a pedestal

There are no studies on trends to find what should be a popular product for ‘consumers’ in Lush. There is no inspirational artist’s notepad with drawings of potential ideas either.

There are experiments, ideas and collaborations that come with drama, frustrations and successes. The culmination is put on display for the world to experience, discuss, and judge as they see fit.

All of this creates a worldwide collaborative art project in which customers join in, creating their own interpretation using water as their canvas and bath bombs as paint, photographing and sharing with the world. The intimate reality is that this art is literally immersive. As the colorful bath ball hits the water unlocking each concept in a completely unrepeatable, yet creatively consistent manner.

These products are an act of self-expression; however, if this is art, it is in the eye of the beholder.