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Banner - Beautiful Butters from Brazil

Beautiful Butters from Brazil

Nourishing and protective for more than just your skin

Cupuaçu and murumuru butters are ultra-nourishing for the skin, and help to preserve the Brazilian rainforest too.

Cupuaçu and murumuru trees are native to the Amazon basin; a region gravely threatened by mass deforestation. But what if the standing trees could somehow provide a sustainable income for local communities, without cutting a single one down? The cupuaçu and murumuru trees do just that—their seeds are harvested after the fruit falls to the forest floor, without ever harming the tree or any surrounding plants.

In this way, leaving the forest standing becomes a viable alternative to logging, and results in a regenerative supply chain that benefits communities, the environment and your skin.

Cupuaçu butter

The cupuaçu tree grows in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil and can reach an impressive 65 feet tall. When its large fruit ripens, it falls to the forest floor and is collected by local communities before being processed into a rich, hydrating butter. This process provides communities with a sustainable income, and supplies us with a beautiful ingredient that’s fabulous for the skin.

The creamy white butter is conditioning and softening, and contains antioxidant polyphenols which protect the skin from free radicals. We use it in our Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner along with argan oil to moisturize and soften rough or callused areas.

Golden Handshake in use

Golden Handshake hot hand mask in use

Murumuru butter

Murumuru palms grow along the banks of the Amazon River in Brazil. The seeds are harvested in a similar fashion to cupuaçu: when the fruit ripens, they fall from the trees, then are collected and dried before being processed into butter. The butter is rich in saturated fatty acids, and is softening and soothing on the skin. Its high melting point helps to protect our products from melting in warm conditions.

We use this gorgeous butter in our Tender Is The Night Massage Bar along with shea butter for a smooth and sensual massage. The Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub works to exfoliate the skin with sugar, then leaves it soft and oh-so-smooth with a generous amount of murumuru butter to soften and hydrate your body in one step. Golden Handshake hot hand mask is made with both of these gorgeous rainforest butters along with argan and avocado oils for the softest mitts in existence!